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Welcome to Willow Tree Class!



A very warm welcome to Willow Tree children and parents. Thank you for visiting our class page! We will be having lots of fun adventures so make sure you check out this page to find out about all the things we get up to! Here you will see how hard we have all been working in all areas of the curriculum! I hope you enjoy seeing everything we have been doing and talk about it together at home.


To stay update, please visit this page often as we will be sharing our many adventures during our time in Year 1.

Thank you for visiting Willow Three class page.



Phonics is very important, especially in year 1 so we've left some useful links and games below that you can use at home! 

What is the phonics screening check?

If you would like further information, please click here to see the Department for Education’s pdf on phonics and the phonics screening check.

Use these free activities to help your child practise and get ready:

We celebrated our fathers, grandfathers and uncles.

Numeracy Day, playing with numbers, solving problems...

It is sooooo exciting, the ducklings have arrived again this year!!!!

Well done to these children in our class for 100% attendance in spring term!!!

Our FABULOUS!!!!!... class assembly....

Science workshop was very interesting!!!

Celebrating WORLD BOOK DAY together!!!!!

The Selfish Giant workshop was AMAZING!!!!!!

Our Number Day was fun!!!

In Willow Tree Class, we have a passion for writing!!!

Today it was amazing!!!! We had the unique opportunity to see different birds and having a close look at them!!!!

Please have a look at our classroom displays!!!

We have started the spring term learning about number bonds to 20 and double numbers.

This week was a very exciting week!!! We have been learning about birds, we had fun making bird feeders and we are looking forward for the workshop that is going to happen soon.

In our science lessons ,we have been learning about our body parts and our five senses.

Mounted police came to our school and talked to the children about how police can help us and keep us safe.

*Willow Tree Class 2022-2023*



In today's gardening class, the children had an exciting opportunity to learn about potatoes. The reception class had previously planted potatoes in their garden, and now they had the chance to enjoy a potato barbecue. The children not only had a delicious meal but also engaged in discussions about the various foods that can be made with potatoes and how to make them exceptionally tasty. This hands-on experience allowed the children to connect with nature, understand the process of growing vegetables, and explore the culinary possibilities of potatoes. It was a fun and educational day for the young gardeners!



On Tuesday, students participated in outdoor maths activities and games. The Year 1 students completed three different stations with their class. The first station was maths duck, duck, goose, where students had to count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to a particular number and then quickly chase their friend. The second station was addition bean bag toss where students practiced their addition facts while racing against the other team. The last station was a free play area where students had the choice to take part in any of the maths games. Some of the games included: hopscotch counting, rock hunting to find the length of 1m, throw and catching counting and 3D shape building.



In Willow Tree Class, the children have been immersed in an exciting exploration of the properties of ice and water. Through hands-on activities and the use of various tools, they have been actively engaging with these elements. The classroom has become a hub of scientific discovery as the young learners observe, touch, and experiment with ice and water. They have been using magnifying glasses and simple utensils to observe and measure changes in temperature, states of matter, and the transformative nature of these substances. This interactive approach has not only fostered their understanding of scientific concepts but also ignited their curiosity and instilled a sense of wonder about the world around them. The children in Willow Tree Class are truly embracing the joy of learning through their exploration of ice and water



During their gardening lesson, the children of Willow Tree Class had the opportunity to explore the bountiful vegetables growing in their school's garden. With excitement and enthusiasm, they eagerly inspected the vibrant colours and various shapes of the vegetables. Under the guidance of their teacher, they carefully harvested a selection of fresh produce, including crunchy lettuce leaves, juicy tomatoes, and crisp cucumbers. Children washed, chopped, and prepared the vegetables, turning them into a delicious and nutritious salad. As they worked together, they engaged in discussions about the importance of eating healthy and the benefits it brings to their bodies. This hands-on experience not only provided the children with practical knowledge about gardening and nutrition, but it also instilled in them a sense of pride and accomplishment in creating a healthy meal with their own hands. The gardening lesson in Willow Tree Class served as a wonderful reminder of the importance of nourishing oneself with wholesome foods.

Sports day


Today was an exhilarating day for the Willow Tree class as they gathered at Willesden Sports Centre for sports day. The air was filled with excitement as the children eagerly participated in various activities. They sprinted across the field, their little legs carrying them swiftly towards the finish line. Laughter echoed through the venue as they engaged in classic games like the egg and spoon race, their faces beaming with delight. The presence of proud parents and supportive families added to the joyous atmosphere, their cheers and applause serving as a motivational backdrop. It was a heartwarming sight to witness the camaraderie and enthusiasm that enveloped the sports centre, making it a truly memorable and enjoyable day for all.



Today, the Willow Tree class eagerly gathered for their gardening class, brimming with excitement. They ventured out to explore the bountiful vegetables they had planted in their very own school garden. Each student's heart danced with anticipation as they observed the vibrant colours and the thriving life around them. Under the guidance of their knowledgeable teacher (Miss Kothiria), they plucked fresh vegetables from the soil, marveling at their beauty and fragrance. With delight, they savoured the flavours of their harvest, experiencing firsthand the culmination of their hard work. It was an exceptional lesson that nourished both their minds and bodies, leaving them with a profound appreciation for the wonders of nature and the joy of gardening.



Willow Tree Class had an exciting week of science exploration as they delved into the properties of materials. The students eagerly investigated which substances are absorbent and which ones are waterproof. Engaging in hands-on experiments, they utilised common everyday materials and water to put their hypotheses to the test. Through their experiments, the students gained valuable insights into the absorbency and waterproofness of various substances. It was a captivating learning experience that allowed them to develop a deeper understanding of material properties and their practical applications.

One world week


The children at school immersed themselves in a vibrant celebration of 'One World Week,' embracing the opportunity to learn about different cultures and promote global understanding. Their focus was on India, and they delved into the rich tapestry of its traditions, customs, and landmarks. The students poured their creativity into making lovely posters and projects, adorning the classroom with fascinating facts and curiosities about India. Additionally, children from various countries eagerly contributed by creating informative posters about their own heritage. The school community eagerly awaited Thursday, when the children had the chance to wear traditional clothing from different countries. It was a captivating sight, as the vibrant and diverse attire showcased the beauty and richness of various cultures. Finally, on Friday, the children gathered for a special assembly to proudly showcase their projects and share their newfound knowledge about India and other countries. It was a moment of celebration and learning, fostering appreciation and respect for the world's diverse cultures within the school community.

Oral health session

The children at school recently participated in an engaging and informative oral health session. Led by a dental health professional, they learned about the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene habits for a healthy smile. The session covered essential topics such as brushing techniques, the importance of flossing, and the impact of sugary foods and drinks on teeth. The children actively participated in interactive discussions and demonstrations, gaining valuable knowledge about proper oral care. They were also provided with practical tips and tools to ensure their oral health remained a priority. The session emphasized the significance of regular dental check-ups and instilled a sense of responsibility in the children to take care of their teeth for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Father's and Family Day!

On Friday, June 16th, Willow Tree Class gathered in a joyous assembly to celebrate Father's Day and embrace the spirit of family. The parents eagerly joined their children at school, creating a warm and loving atmosphere. The assembly began with heartfelt prayers, expressing gratitude for fathers and the love they bring to their families. The students proudly showcased their creativity by sharing the photo frames they had made in their Science lessons, utilizing various materials that they had been studying. These unique frames reflected their artistic flair and captured precious memories. Additionally, the class displayed their imaginative cards, carefully crafted with love and appreciation for their fathers. The assembly served as a reminder that Father's Day is not only about honouring fathers but also cherishing the bonds of family and celebrating the love that unites them all.


Willow Tree Class, a group of enthusiastic learners, embarked on an exciting journey of strategic thinking and mental agility as they delved into the world of chess this week. With chessboards set up and pieces positioned, the students eagerly absorbed the rules, tactics, and intricacies of the game. Under the guidance of their dedicated chess instructor, they honed their critical thinking skills, learned to anticipate moves, and developed strategies to outwit their opponents. Through friendly matches and collaborative problem-solving exercises, Willow Tree Class discovered the immense benefits of chess, including enhanced concentration, improved decision-making, and the development of patience and resilience. As the class continued to explore the fascinating world of chess, they embraced the challenge and excitement that each move brought, fostering a spirit of friendly competition and a love for this timeless game.

Eco Warrior's Assembly


Today our school held an assembly about the environment, where the eco warriors from the school took centre stage. The eco warriors spoke about the Laudato Si and how important it is to take care of our planet Earth. They shared ideas on how each one of us can contribute our bit towards preserving the environment. They emphasized the importance of 3Rs - reduce, reuse, and recycle. The students were encouraged to turn off lights and electronic appliances when not in use, take short showers, and use public transport. Overall, the assembly was a great initiative by the school to create awareness among students about environmental sustainability and the importance of taking care of our planet.



In the gardening class today, the children were excited and eager to plant their sunflower seeds. They carefully placed their seeds into the soil, making sure to leave enough space between them. Throughout the next few weeks, the children eagerly observed the changes that occurred as their sunflowers grew taller and taller. They couldn't wait to see the beautiful yellow flowers that would eventually bloom from their hard work. The gardening class not only taught the children about the importance of caring for plants, but it also gave them a sense of pride and accomplishment as they watched their sunflowers grow and flourish.






Mental Health Awareness Week is an important event in schools as it aims to promote positive mental health and well-being among students. During this week, various activities and workshops are organized to encourage young minds to take care of their emotional and mental health. One such example is the children's dancing workshop, which is a fun and engaging way to promote physical exercise and boost mood. Dancing has been known to improve self-esteem and reduce stress, making it a great way to relieve anxiety and depression. The workshop can help children express themselves through movement, build social connections, and develop a sense of community. Overall, Mental Health Awareness Week and the children's dancing workshop are great opportunities for students to learn more about mental health and take active steps to improve their well-being.



Our school is currently learning about the life cycle of a duck and having a wonderful time observing our five resident ducks. The children are fascinated as they watch the eggs hatch into adorable ducklings, and they are learning about the different stages of growth as the ducklings develop into full-grown ducks. Our school's ducks have become a beloved part of the classroom, and the children are thoroughly enjoying their hands-on learning experience. They are learning about the importance of observation, patience, and responsibility as they care for and learn about these amazing creatures. By the end of their study, the children will have developed a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature and the importance of protecting our wildlife.


May is traditionally known as the month of Mary, in honour of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. In our school we celebrate this month by holding a procession in which children carry flowers and sing hymns dedicated to Mary. One of the highlights of this procession is often the coronation of a statue of Mary in the school garden. Children will place a crown of flowers on Mary's head, while reciting prayers and singing songs in her honour. This ceremony is a beautiful way to show devotion to Mary and to teach children about the importance of faith, love, and kindness. Celebrating May as the month of Mary and holding a procession with children is a wonderful tradition that has been passed down for generations, and it continues to inspire and enrich the lives of many people around the world.



In the gardening class today, the students have been learning all about the important process of pollination. They have been exploring the different parts of flowers and how they work together to create new plants. The children have also been introduced to the various insects and animals that help with pollination, such as bees and butterflies. With the guidance of their teacher, the students have been able to observe real-life examples of pollination in action, and have even had the opportunity to try pollinating flowers themselves. Through this hands-on learning experience, Willow tree class children have gained a deeper appreciation for the vital role that pollination plays in our ecosystem.


World Bee Day is celebrated every year on May 20th to acknowledge the crucial role bees play in our ecosystem. One popular activity is to let the children taste different types of honey and learn about the diverse flavours and colours created by various types of flowers. Tasting honey in school is not only a fun and delicious learning experience for children, but it also helps them to understand the importance of bees in pollinating the plants that we rely on for much of our food. By celebrating World Bee Day and educating children about the importance of bees, we can all work towards protecting these vital insects and preserving our environment.


The students in this class recently completed a fun and educational activity where they researched and created posters of the countries in the United Kingdom. They were excited to learn about the different cultures, landmarks, and traditions of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. With the guidance of their teachers, they were able to create colourful and informative posters that showcased their newfound knowledge. The students were proud to display their work in the classroom and share it with their peers and families. This project not only developed their creativity and research skills, but also fostered an appreciation for diversity and cultural understanding.


Willow tree class students are excited to learn about division. They have been practicing their counting skills and building their knowledge of basic addition and subtraction. Now, they are ready to take their math skills to the next level and explore the world of division. Their teacher, Miss Tamanchieviez, has created a fun and interactive lesson plan that includes hands-on activities and games to help the students understand division. The class is working together to solve problems and share their strategies with each other. With their positive attitudes and eagerness to learn, this Year 1 class is sure to become division experts in no time!


Once upon a sunny day, Willow tree class went to the garden for their gardening class. The children were excited to get their hands dirty and help take care of the plants. The teacher gave each student a small watering can and explained how to properly water the plants. The students took turns watering the vegetables, fruits, and flowers that were growing in the garden. They carefully observed the plants and asked questions about how they grew. The teacher explained the importance of taking care of the garden and how it helped the environment. The class had a wonderful time working together and learning about nature. At the end of the lesson, the students were proud of their work and couldn't wait to see the plants grow bigger and stronger.


In their science class, the year 1 students were studying about materials and how they are used in everyday objects. The teacher began the lesson by asking the class to name some objects they use daily, such as a pencil, a toothbrush, or a bottle. Then, the teacher gave each student a worksheet with pictures of different objects and asked them to label the material used to make them. The students eagerly worked on the task, discussing with each other and asking the teacher for help when needed. They learned about different materials like plastic, glass, metal, and wood. After completing the worksheet, the teacher led a discussion on the importance of using materials wisely and recycling to protect the environment. The class had a great time learning and applying their knowledge to real-world objects.



In English this week we are learning about how to write instructions and nothing better for a sunny Wednesday than a recipe of a delicious smoothie.

Also instruction to make a paper airplane.



Maths is getting very challenging, we are starting our times table, how exciting!!!

We are learning how to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. 

Coronation day

Circus workshop


Today we were exploring different types of fabrics and which one we use to make different things and clothes.




Today we had such a fun lesson! We learned that secondary colours occur when any two primary colours are mixed together. Mix red and yellow to get orange, red and blue to get purple, and red and yellow to get orange. Orange, purple, and green are known as the secondary colours.



What can I find out about the United kingdom?


Pupils are learning about the four countries that make the United Kingdom. This lesson was a fun one, children had a big UK puzzle map and then they needed to identify and label the capitals of each country. After, pupils had challenges about the features of each capital.





For our gardening lesson this week we went on a lovely learning walk in our school garden. We checked all the flowers compare and group them according to their similarities.





Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.



Volume and capacity


This week our maths lessons were all about measuring the volume and capacity in different containers and daily objects.

We used water, rice and lentils to identify all the volumes in different capacities.



Today in our lesson we learned about imperative verbs and nouns/adjectives.

We sorted the words into two groups and then we wrote sentences.


Miss Tamanchieviez birthday!!


Today we had a lovely afternoon celebring Miss Tamanchieviez birthday.

Thank you everybody for you love. wink





This term in Art we are studying about Georgia O'Keeffe.

Georgia O’Keeffe was an born on the 15th November, 1887 in Sun Prairie, USA.

-She is considered the mother of Modernism.

-She was the first female artist to gain respect in New York’s art world in 1920’s.

- She created a unique way of painting nature, simplifying shapes and forms.

She died on the 6th March, 1986.


Today 20th April 2023, we went for a walk around our school garden to observe the plants. Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe, we took pictures of our favourite flowers using the IPads.



What material is this?

Today children were introduced to a range of everyday solid materials. In this lesson they began to explore wood, metal and plastic. By the end of the lesson they are able to name these materials and identify places where they are used, and sort objects into groups according to whether they are made of wood, plastic or metal.




Today children were introduced to volume and capacity for the first time. They begin by exploring practically the idea that capacity is the maximum amount that something can hold. They experienced a range of different sizes and shapes of containers and begin to make basic comparisons to see which has the greater capacity. Children then explored the concept that volume is the amount of something inside a container.

They describe the volume in a container using phrases such as “empty”, “nearly empty”, “nearly full” and “full”. 





What garden plants can we find around our school?

Today we visited our school garden to name, identify and compare plants.





Easter bonnet


An Easter bonnet is a hat worn by tradition as a Christian headcovering on Easter. It represents the tail end of a tradition of wearing new clothes at Easter, in harmony with the renewal of the year and the promise of spiritual renewal and redemption.

St. Patrick's Day! 

Saint Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (c. 385 – c. 461), the foremost patron Saint of Ireland.

Mother's day

Dear mum,

I'm writing you to tell you that I love you
Something I hardly ever do.
I never tell you enough how much I love you and
It's something I must do. I need to let you know mother how much
You really mean to me
So I'm telling you now you mean the world to me.
I need to thank you for all you do for me.

When God gave me to you,
That's the best thing he could ever do,
So this poem is dedicated to you
Because I don't know how else to say
Thank You.


Thank you for coming.

Love, Willow Tree class






Today in our RE lesson we leaned about the term ‘fast’ and actions of ‘fasting. We read the Bible ' Jesus in the Desert - Matthew 4:1-11' and them we made our badges telling how we could fast during Lent.

Science week

Our science week at school was very exciting. We had a really nice KAPLA workshop (check the photos) and also children were asked to prepare simple experiments at home‚Äč. ‚ÄčThis was a great opportunity for all children to research a famous scientist.


World book day 2023


Celebrating World Book Day 2023. World Book Day is a charity event held annually in the United Kingdom. This year, World Book Day is took place on Thursday 2 March 2023 and the emphasis was on making it YOUR World Book Day.



In DT this term we are learning about mechanisms and this week we made a 'spring mechanism'.



Wind in the Willows


Ash Wednesday 

Ash Wednesday is a solemn reminder of human mortality and the need for reconciliation with God and marks the beginning of the penitential Lenten season.


Today we leaned one more and one less up to 50.


Partitioning - Tens and ones

Today we made a big number line to study estimate numbers on the number line up to 50.


Spring I


What do birds eat?

Today in our science lesson we learned about what birds eat, if they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. We sorted pictures of different foods according to what they eat. Also, we had a challenge, to identify what the bird eats just looking their features.

We are scientists! 

How many birds visit our bird feeding station?


Gymnastics - 26.01.23


Today 07th February 2023 we finished our sculpture. We placed it in our garden, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy that makes his sculptures outdoors and just using natural materials.


Our sculpture is a beautiful fruit plate made with leaves and sticks and a range of fruits made out of clay.


We are very proud of our work as little artists!

Today in art lesson we used clay to make our fruits to put in our basket made of leaves, sticks and natural materials from our garden. 


This term in art we are working about Andy Goldsworthy, an artist who makes sculptures outside using only materials from nature.
This week we went to the school garden to collect materials to make a basket.



We are studying about birds in our science lessons. Today we made bird feeders that we will place in our garden for the bird watch next week.

In Geography we are studying about Seasons and Weather, linked to Geography, today in our Gardening lesson Miss Kothiria brought in weather equipment that scientist use to measure the weather, such as wind vane, thermometer and rain gauge.


The Three Billy Goats Gruff - Role play!

Today we were recounting the fairy tail using masks to perform as goats and a scary troll. We had so much fun!!!


This week we are learning Tens and ones. 

What are tens and ones?

In a two-digit number, the value of the digit depends on its position in that number. At one's place, the digit which is at the extreme right is known to be like one's, whereas the digit placed at the leftmost is known to be at ten's.

The dienes helped us to understand it better.

Today we used our number line to work on addition up to 20!

It's time to learn part-part-whole up to 20!!!



We are studying about the Epiphany, when the Three Wise Men followed the start to find baby Jesus and bring gifts to him.



On 7th February2023 is Safer Internet Day, we had an amazing assembly with Mr Joyce to learn what we can access and how to keep ourselves safe online. 

We are having so much fun in our computing lessons!

Today we studied about the parts of the plants (linked to science).