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Welcome to Willow Tree Class!


     Willow Tree Class 2020-21


A very warm welcome to Willow Tree children and parents, thank you for visiting our class page! We will be having lots of fun adventures so make sure you check out this page to find out about all the things we get up to! 


Mrs Medina


Phonics is very important, especially in year 1 so we've left some useful links and games below that you can use at home! 

What is the phonics screening check?

If you would like further information, please click here to see the Department for Education’s pdf on phonics and the phonics screening check.

Use these free activities to help your child practise and get ready:

Spring Term 2020 

We had the chance to meet some dinosaurs!

Our Bean Diaries 

We planted our beans in our glass jars with tissue and water

The Reluctant Dragon

Bird Watch Week

We made projects at home all about our class bird, The Dunnock!

We went to see what birds we could spy in the garden!

We got to meet some birds!

We made Bird Feeders

We have been practising our trampolining skills!

We all dressed up for World Book Day!

We started to learn how to play chess with Mr Weekes!

Autumn Term 2019

Autumn Term 2 

We created animal models using clay

Lots of arts and crafts at Christmas! We made cards and decorations!

History: Looking at our school 100 years ago

We made items for our school Christmas fair using recycled materials. It was lots of fun and managed to sell out!  
In honour of remembrance day we created a poppy as a class. We painted our hands red to create the petals of the flower.  

Exploring our garden - we created patterns using the vibrant autumn leaves

Getting spooky for Halloween

Spud and Yam visit 


On Friday 11th October the amazing Spud and Yam came to visit our school. Willow tree had a lovely time singing along to traditional African songs as well as having the opportunity to play instruments for themselves!

Science and Gardening 

We have been exploring our bodies and our senses in our science lessons. We went out into the garden and tested out our touch, hearing, smell and even taste! 


We have also been looking at all the different animals that live in our wonderful garden!

Our Reading Corner 


Our reading corner is based on the wonderful book 'Super Daisy' by Nick Sharrat. The children absolutely loved the story and our reading corner gives the children a chance to turn into superhero's while they are reading. Take a look below! 



We have been learning how to compare numbers and objects using greater than, less than and equal. 


Take a look around our classroom

   Willow Tree Class 2018-2019



Useful links and information


Summer Term 2019

Welcome back!!!

I hope everyone had a lovely relaxing Easter holiday. We are back and raring to go, with lots of exciting learning coming up.



Alert Alert Alert!!!

Willow Tree Class has their class assembly this Friday, 3rd of May, at 10.00 am.

Come and support us in our first class assembly of Year 1.



After learning about pollution and how plastic is harming our environment, the children have decided to recycle plastic lids to create something beautiful.

When we collected enough lids, we separated them by colours. We then decided on the design, creation, and we glued the lids on. We presented our work at our assembly to celebrate Earth Day.


How high can you jump?

This week, we have had trampolining lessons.

We learnt the correct posture to keep ourselves safe when jumping and then had lots of fun jumping. We cannot wait for the next lesson. Who will jump the highest?


This week some eggs have arrived at our school. Few days later...8 of them have hatched and now we have 8 beautiful, fluffy chicks. What a great way to learn about the life cycle of animals!





As part of our PSHE lessons, the Life Bus came to our school to teach us about 'My Wonderful body'.

We met Harold the giraffe who taught us about healthy eating.

We learned parts of our body and how we should look after it.

Michal "dairy food is good for our teeth"

Elisa "I loved when the light went off and all the stars were on the ceiling"

Rania "my favourite part was when Kiki and Derek had a fight and then Harold helped them to resolve it"

Chase "proteins make our muscles stronger"



What is the Phonics Screening check?

For those parents of Year 1 childrend who would like further information, please click here to see the Department for Education’s pdf on phonics and the phonics screening check.


Spring Term 2019


The children in Willow Tree class have been very busy during this Spring term.


We started our new Topic 'Under Da Sea' with a special treat from one of our parents. Mrs Farsoun came to our school to show us 3D videos of different seascapes around the world. We visited America, Mexico, Hawaii and Australia and never left our school! surprise 




We continued our learning about the underwater world with a fantastic day at the Sea life Aquarium.   We saw sharks, jellyfish, seahorses, tropical fish and we even touched a star fish. It was a great day and we learned so many things about the ocean and its creatures.







We were so inspired by the colourful underwater world that in the following weeks we made clay sculptures of sea creatures in our D&T lessons.




In Maths, we have been developing our knowledge of place value and learning different strategies to solve additions. We even drew our own number line in the playground and jumped in Tens and Ones!                           


In English we have been learning to write instructions using imperative verbs and time conjunctions, to make our very own Wild Thing sock puppets, inspired by the book "Where the Wild Things are".   


In RE we have been retelling Jesus' arrival into Jerusalem and reflecting on the days leading up to Good Friday. 


The children have also been using their fine motor skills to weave the handles for their Easter baskets.


On a sunny Monday afternoon, during our Science lesson, the children found something unusual in the school garden...


What a fun way to  discuss the different types of animals; herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Ask your child how they identified each type of animal and what they have learned. 


Willow Tree class was transformed into a mini version of Willesden High road for our Geography lessons.

We looked at aerial maps of Willesden Green and used it, together with our knowledge of the area, to build our own 3D map in order to learn directions.



We wish you all a lovely Easter and we are looking forward to seeing the children , rested and ready for another exciting term, on Tuesday 23rd April.


Kind regards, 

Mrs Zarri



Happy Mother's Day


Thank you to all the parents who came to our Act of Worship this morning.

The children were really happy and proud to share their learning of songs and prayers with you. 


Spring 2019

Welcome back to all our children and parents, we hope you all have enjoyed a restful festive break.

The children  have come back to school well rested and ready for the new term. We have really enjoyed hearing about the lovely things they have done during their holidays.


As always, we have been really busy:

In History, we have been looking back in time to see how things have changed, focusing on how houses have transformed through years. At the end of the topic, we are going to create rooms in 'olden days' style, using recycled shoes boxes.


In Science, we have been looking at 'Materials'. In our Gardening lessons, we have classified the material in 'natural' and 'man-made'.



At the beginning of the Spring term, we looked at the features of Performing Poems. in English. Inspired by the poem 'Down by the School Gate' by Wes Magee, we have written our own Performance Poem.

First, we went into the garden, collecting sounds then, we worked in groups to put our own sounds together; we used rhyming, rhythm, repetition and some alliterations to write our own poems.


In Maths, we have been learning to use different strategies to solve Addition and Subtraction simple word problems. We have been learning shape properties and classified them in 2D and 3D.  We went on a shape hunt around our school garden  and identified  2D and 3D shapes in the environment.




We had an assembly on Healthy Eating this week. We learned how many portions of fruits and vegetables we should eat in a day and how important it is to exercise in order to keep healthy.

Linking it with History, we looked at food eaten in the past; how ingredients have changed and which food we still eat. We then decided to make our own vegetable soup.

We made a list of the vegetables we should use, we went to Sainsbury's and bought lots of vegetables. On our way back, we stopped in our school garden to harvest the chard, cabbage and kale planted last year. The vegetables were chopped, cooked and eaten by the children. They all loved our vegetable soup...No leftovers!

Making vegetable soup...and eating it! Yummy in our tummies!

Birdwatch week 

Falconry Uk came to our school during Birdwatch week. We saw a variety of birds of prey including a vulture and a baby owl.

Autumn Term  2018


We have been very busy this week, learning lots of new things and beginning to prepare for Christmas.


We have been thinking about our world, how to respect it and take care of it. We have recycled plastic bottles and made Christmas decorations to sell at our Christmas Fair.


In class we have been reading the story of Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and used Makaton sign language to retell the story.

We have thought about feelings, how we can be a good friend, care about each other and make good choices. This links with our whole school ethos, Golden Rules and British Values.


As we are now entering the Advent season, we have been thinking about what Advent means for us and how we prepare for Christmas.              

We have written messages on small cards and made them into our Advent Calendar.

We have also made an Advent wreath using recycled plastic bags and twigs from our school garden.

The children have been busy practising their lines and singing the songs for our Christmas production, they are amazing!!


Thank you for your support.


Mrs Zarri