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Yr 2 Leavers

Dear Year 2 children,


Over the years we have watched you learn, grow and develop into the wonderful young people you are becoming.


The time has arrived when we must say goodbye to you. But this is not the end. This is just the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your lives. You will continue to learn, grow, and to overcome hurdles and tackle new challenges.


We pray for you all, that you will be guided and supported by your faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and by what you have learnt here in at the ‘Little Convent’.


May you always remember your time here lovingly and use all you have learnt on your journey through Junior school and into the future. 


You all have so much potential and I know you will go on to do amazingly well. And remember you will always be part of the Convent family.


God bless you and guide you always!


Miss Fonseca