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British Values & SMSC

"The body of the Lord makes us a single thing, a single family, the people of God reunited around Jesus, the bread of life."

Pope Francis

At the Convent of Jesus and Mary Catholic Infant School & Nursery Catholic doctrine and practice filters through every aspect of our school life; as such we teach our pupils British Values through the parable of Jesus as well as the wider curriculum, with the purpose of enabling them to become responsible and active citizens in service to the world who make strong contributions to the common good of society.


At our School we uphold the British Values by:



  • Promoting Pupil Voice and points of view by encouraging wonder, discussion, considerate arguments and debate during lessons, Circle Time and assemblies and also by supporting the School Council, the Prayer Leaders, the Year 2 Prefects, the Mini-Vinnies and the Eco Warriors.


  • Through assemblies, the Wednesday Word, the visits of our Community Police Officer, through Circle Time debate and discussion, including moral issues and dilemmas, right from wrong, forgiveness and respect, by upholding our Golden Rules, rewards such as certificates, by encouraging the use of our Friendship Stop and Playground Buddies, through Reflection time and our Speaking and Listening Agreement.


  • At our school pupils understand their rights and responsibilities, the importance of making good sensible choices, and are always encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, celebrate their talents and successes through the curriculum and beyond.


  • At the Convent Jesus and Mary Catholic Infant School & Nursery we take pride in our school environment and see ourselves as stewards of the earth by looking after our garden and undertaking different sustainability projects in response to Pope Francis encyclical on the environment – ‘Laudato Si’, and how we should all care for our common home. We also celebrate, Birdwatch Week, the Great Bug Hunt and the Zoo Lab. We also learn about other cultures and faiths and visit different places of worship such as the Synagogue.