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We are a proactive school with a big heart. Inclusion of children with SEND is integral to our school ethos. As our children say in prayer each day “Together, thinking, learning, caring and becoming the people God wants us to be.”

Every child’s social and emotional wellbeing is at the centre of all that we do. We recognise that when children feel secure they are able to access learning and achieve their academic potential. We are a nurturing school which looks to the strengths and challenges of each of its pupils from the day they join us to the day they leave.

We understand how children learn and develop through a wide range of early play experiences and an enriched language environment. We ensure that all of our children have a range of opportunities to explore through their senses and develop their physical skills. We scaffold children’s natural curiosity and nurture their emerging awe and wonder which underpins learning in the Early Years. Our children are supported throughout the Key Stages to develop enquiring minds, to explore and investigate through their play and learning.

In our school, Inclusion means that every child is valued. Where there are additional needs we excel at early identification and individual support planning. We recognise that all children develop and learn at their own pace and by following our children’s interests and personalising their learning environments we motivate and inspire them. In this way we enable every child to access learning at their own level and to reach their potential.

We work collaboratively with parents to set goals, review progress and when necessary seek external agency advice and support. When parents are engaged with external agencies we support them throughout the process and beyond. We have excellent working relationships with parents and carers and the agencies we work alongside. We facilitate exemplary transition from year to year within school and across school settings.

We have passionate and experienced members of staff who go above and beyond to ensure that each and every one of our pupils is valued, feels secure and reaches their potential. Our pupils with additional needs make outstanding progress from their starting points due to the individual support and care they receive from our outstanding learning support staff.


Mrs Browning, SENCO