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Religious Education

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"The outstanding effectiveness of classroom religious education has led to excellent religious literacy in pupils from Foundation Stage to the end of Key Stage 1." 

Westminster Diocese Inspection Report June 2016 



Overview of Resource Frameworks


The liturgical life of the Church operates at two levels. Annually, we remember the events of Jesus’ life. We begin our year with Advent, during which we prepare for the coming of God into our world, and then we move through to Lent and Easter and the life of the early Church at Pentecost, with a lot of ‘ordinary time’ in between. In conjunction with our annual cycle a second cycle rotates us through the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke so that over three years we hear their account of the life of Jesus. Year A is the Year of Matthew; Year B, the Year of Mark; Year C, the Year of Luke. The resources are themed and coded in keeping with the Liturgical life of the Church so that C1 represents the first resources in the Year of Luke, Year C. Note: As Advent does not start until December, resource 6, which falls at the commencement of the academic year, is in fact part of the previous Liturgical Year.


Academic Year 2018-19

Academic Year 2019-2020

Academic Year 2020-2021

Autumn 1

B6 Beginning with God

C6 In the Beginning

A6 Beginning with Church


Autumn 2

The Year of Luke begins

C1 From Advent to Christmas

The year of Matthew begins

A1 From Advent to Christmas

The Year of Mark begins

B1 From Advent to Christmas

Spring 1


C2 Being a Sacramental Person

A2 A People of Prayer

B2 Jesus at Prayer

Spring 2


C3 From Lent to Easter

A3 From Lent to Easter

B3 From Lent to Easter

Summer 1

C4 From Easter to Pentecost: the Pentecost Story

A4 From Easter to Pentecost: the Pentecost Liturgy

B4 From Easter to Pentecost: Pentecost People

Summer 2

C5 Gospel Theme: A ‘good’ life


A5 Gospel Theme:The Kingdom of God

B5 Gospel Theme Discipleship


Visit From Bishop John Sherrington