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Oak Tree Class 


A warm welcome to parents and children from Oak Tree Class.

Thank you for visiting our class page. Here you will find lots of information about the fun and exciting things we are learning about. And as we are always very busy, please do visit our page often to see all of our wonderful and exciting adventures. 

Mrs Saiz and Miss Kothiria

Summer Term



Today, we were taken back to 1666 when we met Mrs Wellbake, cook to Mr Samuel Pepys.

We heard her first hand account of the Great Fire of London and she tried very hard to ensure that this tragedy would never happen again.

With the help of the audience, using artefacts, props and costume, she and the children re-enacted the drama of the fire and helped to plan a fire-free future for the city of London.

While engaging with this fascinating historical episode, the children had lots of fun and were fired with enthusiasm to learn even more about this significant event in our history.


Story telling workshop LONDON'S BURNING

The Great Fire Of London ( Home Learning Projects)



To enhance learning in Science and PSHE, the children took part in a workshop focusing on green issues and recycling at home, school and in a global context. They learned how to turn discarded materials into useful products to reduce waste and help protect the environment.




This week, we have been celebrating creativity and diversity through art, poetry, dance and music. We have been expressing ourselves through  different forms of art and enjoyed dances from around the world with Lil J from Pineapple Dance Studio.

Celebrating the Queen's Jubilee


Oak Tree Class was like Buckingham Palace when we all dressed up as royalty to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee! We had a garden party were we enjoyed some delicious snacks! It was a lovely way to end the half term.

Rock 'n' Roll!


As part of our Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, Lil J from the Pineapple dance Studios taught us a dance from the 50s. We learned how to do the hand jive with a little bit of the twist as well! 

Our First School Trip


On Wednesday we travelled by coach to London Zoo! We saw so many amazing animals and really enjoyed seeing the rainforest animals because we had learned about them during our geography lessons. We took part in a work shop and investigated animals that are scaly, furry and feathered. We put our skills to the test to figure out which animals had which skin covering!! We also were entertained by the penguins. They are such great swimmers and divers. The penguin keeper told us lots of information about penguins and also how important it is to save our oceans and stop plastic pollution! It was an unforgettable day!



What's the time Mr Wolf?

Celebrating Good News

Spring Term  

Celebrating Science Week: Children became scientists this week. They presented their experiments to the class, with lost of excitement and enthusiasm from everyone participating.

Science Week Projects Show and Tell: The children presented their 'GROWTH' projects to the class. It was wonderful to see how they interpreted the word 'GROWTH' to help them create such brilliant projects.

Taekwondo Assembly: Children form the Taekwondo class presented their skills to Year 2. We were all surprised with the fantastic skills they have learnt in their after school club.

Mothers Day: Children celebrated this special time by making personalised fabric pouches which they hand stitched and wrote beautiful poems for their mums.

Mothers Day: Children finally took home their daffodils which they planted in Autumn ready for Mothers Day.

Gardening: This week in gardening we explored where food comes from, in particular food inside familiar packaging. We explored what vegetable or fruit was inside of products and planted the relevant plant/seeds to match the packaging.

Gardening: Planning our vegetable garden to grow vegetables for our summer soup.

In science, children have been exploring materials and testing which ones can be manipulated, such as by stretching, pulling, and bending amongst others.

English: children published their incredible retell of Into the Forest by the author Anthony Browne. Children retold the story and some children added in new fairy tale characters to create their own version.

Maths: In maths children have been exploring fractions. They have been looking into halves, quarters, and equivalents.

ICT: Children created music inspired by the little boy in the story Into the Forest. They created music using laptops to show the boys emotions as they changed from the beginning to the end. Another great computer lesson as the children really got involved and shared their music with the class.

RE: Children visited our school chapel to learn about the stations of the cross.

Preparing for morning prayers and reminding ourselves of our Lenten Promises.


We had so much fun celebrating the World Book Day!

Children made book marks, wrote book reviews, visited the library and enjoyed reading books.

Our author was Road Dahl.  In class, we have been reading the Witches and we took part in an amazing workshop acting out the story of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.

But we have been also looking at different fairy tales and discussing the language, settings and characters.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Drama Workshop


Ash Wednesday

Stations of the Cross Class Assembly

'The Sword in the Stone' Theatre Performance

We all enjoyed this magical performance of

The Sword in the Stone and learned such an important lesson that we can all succeed if we are

 honest, brave and kind!

Making paper

As part of our cross curricular learning about materials, we have been learning how paper in made (Science and DT). We made our own recycled paper for Mother's Day cards and wrote instructions how to make it. We had a lot of fun learning!

Maths - learning about Shapes

Celebrating the 80s

Mental Health Week: Express Yourself

Birdwatch Week: Bird Projects

Birdwatch Week: Falconry UK

English Comparing Garden Birds and Birds of Prey

English Drama 'The Sound Collector"

The Tin Forest

'Tin Forest' Letters

Maths Multiplication and Division

Art Leaf and animal printing inspired by Henry Rousseau

RE Poems about God's presence

Mental Health Week

Safety Internet Day

Gardening How to plan and care for unhealthy plants

Making bird feeders

Rainforest Home Learning Projects

Autumn Term I 




The sunflowers in the school garden inspired our acrostic poems and helped us with measurement in Maths. We also used our observation skills to create paintings in the style of Van Gogh.

The story of ‘The Gigantic Turnip’

We retold the story of ‘The Gigantic Turnip’ through drama. We acted out the beginning, middle and end of the story and can you guess our favourite part?

 ‘they pulled and heaved and tugged and yanked until the turnip went POP!’

The story inspired us to write our own version. Luckily, there many vegetables in the school garden ready for Harvest…

POSTCARDS from the ZooLab Workshop

We had a very special workshop to help us learn more about different animals, their habitats, diet and how they have adapted to their environments. We enjoyed our ZOOLAB experience and wrote some postcards telling our family and friends all about it.

LEAFLETS about the Giant African Land Snails

By taking care of our school pets- The Giant African Land Snails, we learn more about them. We wrote an information text to teach others about these fascinating creatures.


This term in maths we have been learning about Place Value. Place Value, as the name suggests, is all about recognising the value of numbers! For example in the number 34 we can see that it is made up of 3 tens and 4 ones.
The children have spent time representing both two digit and 3 digit numbers using a variety of different concrete resources including numicon, blocks and dienes.

Autumn Maths Display

Writing numbers and counting

Number bonds

Partitioning into tens and ones