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Welcome to Oak Tree Class 2019-2020!

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Another busy and very exciting term of learning and fun!

During the Spring Term, we enjoyed many visitors and school events such as The Reluctant Dragon, Falconry UK and The Science Dome. Once again the children engaged in fantastic projects creating a range of amazing home leaning such as Birdwatch projects, the Rainforests and sharing experiments during the Science Week.

At school, we were very busy learning new skills across the curriculum and enjoyed trying out new things such as making a hand-made paper!


From natural to man-made- Materials Display

Birdwatch Week 2020

Birdwatch Week Home Projects

Ash Wednesday

Maths Multiplication

Maths Division

Maths Fractions

'Woolly Saucepan' poems

'The Reluctant Dragon' theatre prformance




PSHE Learning Behaviours

Gardening - Preparation and planning for vegetable beds


Seeds germination

Science Dome

Science Week - Sharing Experiments

Geography -Rainforest

Making handmade paper for Mother's Day Cards



We have been very busy this term exploring our new curriculum and finding more about the beautiful world around us. We are proud of our work so far and we continue to strive to do our best learning.

In RE, we are learning about God’s Creation. We have been exploring ‘The Story of Creation’ through drama, art and by looking very closely at God’s words in the Bible. We are grateful for the wonderful world God has created for us but we also understand that we are responsible for looking after God’s creations.

During English lessons, we have been learning how to write a postcard inspired by the book Journey by Aaron Becker. We also wrote acrostic poems about SUNFLOWERS inspired by the sunflowers from the school garden. We are now working on a new story of the enormous....vegetable from the school garden!

The Gigantic Turnip

In Maths, we have been using different resources to help us understand Place Value.  We can read, write, order and compare numbers up to 100 and beyond.

Number Place Value

During Science lessons, we have been learning about habitats. We are very lucky to have such a beautiful garden where we can admire God’s creation but also to explore micro- habitats. We found lots of little creatures under the logs, in the flower beds, up in the trees and even in the pond! We know that we need to respect everyone’s homes so that all the living things can stay healthy and safe.

This term in Art, we have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh. We learned lots of facts about his life and we admired his wonderful paintings. We looked at the sunflowers from the school garden to develop our skills of sketching and painting. It’s great to be an artist!


In Geography, we are learning about Continents and Oceans. We have used atlases and globes to help us learn about the world we live in.


This term, we welcomed some opportunities to develop new skills such as playing chess. We were also very excited to welcome Metabugs and we learned lots new and exciting facts about different bugs. We watched them, held them and a great day was had by all!


Autumn is here…

We are very proud of the Autumn Projects created by Oak Tree Class. What a wonderful range of creativity; amazing poems, art work, 3D projects. Come and see our Autumn Display in the blue hall!


During Science lessons we have been learning about food chains. We had so much fun playing ‘Find your food’ game and it really helped us understand what animals eat and how the weather effects different food chains.  We have a challenge for you:

Find the longest food chain and share it with the class!

Setting up science investigations

We all know how to plant a bulb. But what happens if…..

  • you use leaves instead of soil?   
  • you put a bulb upside down? 
  • you put the bulb right at the bottom of the pot?

We will have to wait and see!


Spud and Yum

To celebrate Black History Months, we had very special guests who joined in singing and storytelling to teach our about the Caribbean culture.


Halloween Parade

Once again, the children in Oak Tree class wowed us in their spooky costumes as we joined in the Halloween parade.  A fun day was had by all! Congratulations to the winners.


Today, the 1st of November we celebrated a wonderful mass with Monsignor Reader to mark All Saints Day. As we begin the month of November, we remember and pray for all loved ones who have died in our families and communities.


Last week, we all joined in an assembly about anti-bullying. The Power of One has helped us understand that bullying is hurtful and mean. We must not be a by-stander by just watching but we should be an up-stander by trying to help and stop the bullying. Remember to tell a teacher or a trusted adult if you see or experience bullying.

The event was followed by The Odd Socks Day. Firstly, it was fun! Secondly it encouraged everybody to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique!





Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we had no pens...

Well, today we had a chance to find out….no pens were allowed….. and we still learned so much!

We used laptops to create fact files about St John Henry Newman. We used data branching during computing lesson. We read books and shared our own stories with the Reception children. We did mental Maths, we played games and we did not miss pens at all!



During Autumn Term, Oak Tree Class have been taking part in weekly trampolining sessions!

Did you know that a ten minute bounce is the same as a half hour run?

It also stimulates your metabolism, increases oxygen capacity, improves your sense of balance, increases oxygen circulation to tissues, strengthens the heart, increases energy and sense of vitality, firms and tones the muscles. But most of all, it makes you smile, laugh and is great FUN!



This term, we have been learning about Materials. We buried some materials to find out which are compostable and non-compostable. We are very excited to find out what happens to them after few months.


We also tested a range of materials to cover our tent. What materials would you choose to keep you warm, dry and safe this winter?


Which materials to choose for winter shelter?

Adding and Subtracting


We have been learning different methods to help us with adding and subtracting. We can use tens and ones to partition numbers, a number line to help us counting on and back, dienes to show tens and ones and Numicon! We can add and subtract!

Adding and Subtracting

Water Workshop

To enhance our learning in History and Geography, Jo from the Environment Agency visited our school to deliver a wonderful workshop about water and rivers. We had so much fun learning about the water cycle, rivers and streams, the impact water can have on us and our environment and how to make sure we care for the water we have.


School Trip along the River Thames


This half term, in History we have been learning about the River Thames.

Oh what a great day of learning about our history and also about London we have had today by exploring the city on the board of the the River Princess down the River Thames!

School Trip along the River Thames

From the River Brent to the River Thames

The Great Fire of London


Inspired by our history and the past events which happened along the River Thames, the children have shared some wonderful projects to enhance their learning about the Great Fire of London. Once again we were amazed by your creativity and great home learning.

The Great Fire of London



As we are coming closer to celebrate a very special birthday- the birth of Jesus at Christmas, we are preparing our homes and hearts to welcome Jesus. Monsignor Roger Reader visited our class to help us think about this very special time. We also made our Advent display and wrote thoughtful prayers for each day of Advent.

We have donated our gifts to Mustard Seed Charity (Love in a Box) and raised money for the Catholic Children Society by singing our hearts out during the Christmas Carol Service.


Christmas Fair Decorations


Christmas Cards

We are very proud of our Christmas cards, which display a very special scene from the Christmas story. The cards were also inspired by the artist, Vincent Van Gogh and his famous painting of the Starry Night.


Dear families, 

We would like to wish you All

a very merry Christmas

and a happy New Year!


With Love,


Oak Tree Class

Oak Tree Class 2018-2019



As we returned to school after Easter, we were very lucky to enjoy once again this wonderful opportunity of watching the chicks hatch! The children have gained so much from this worthwhile experience, seeing first hand new life and all the awe and wonder that it brings. Each morning the children and staff joined in the excitement of the happy chicks. This will help us with our learning and writing about the life cycles.




As part of learning about Healthy Lifestyle, we love exercise in Oak Tree Class!

But this week, apart from jogging around the track, we enjoyed trampolining!

Did you know that a ten minute bounce is the same as a half hour run?

It also stimulates your metabolism, increases oxygen capacity, improves your sense of balance, increases oxygen circulation to tissues, strengthens the heart, increases energy and sense of vitality, firms and tones the muscles. But most of all, it makes you smile, laugh and is great FUN!




The Life Bus has arrived! We were very excited to join the Life Bus, which supports the children’s learning in Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE). The children took part in a workshop about their bodies and how to keep fit and healthy, how to deal with their emotions and how to work together. 



It has been a busy term in the school garden. The children have been working hard on designing, preparing the soil and sowing vegetables in the garden beds. We can’t wait to see them germinating and growing in the warmth of summer!

In The Garden



We learned a lot about the life and amazing discoveries of Mary Anning, one of the greatest Palaeontologist of all time. Inspired by the workshop about dinosaurs and fossils led by Science Dome during the Science Week, the children made their own fossils using clay and plaster of paris.




It was a pleasure to welcome all mothers during the Mother’s Day Act of Worship. We were delighted to share songs, poems and prayers in celebration of this very special day.

The children made beautiful cards and they presented their loving Mums with flowers and scented bags of lavender and mint collected from the school garden.

Happy Mother’s Day!



Mother's Day Act of Worship

Once upon a time…

Inspired by the story of The Little Red Riding Hood, the children reinvented their own versions of the story. The boys and girls worked very hard writing, editing, illustrating and publishing their stories and proudly shared them with their Grandparents during the Grandparents’ Day. 


Making hand made paper


We have been learning about Sustainability and Recycling.

We know where paper comes from and we also learned how to make our own paper using recycled materials such as old, scrap paper and cardboard. We used the hand made paper for bookmarks for our Grandparents. We had so much fun making the paper and it helped us to write a set of instructions.



 It has been such a wonderful week of learning about SCIENCE ALL AROUND US.

The children demonstrated excellent presenting and explaining skills showing off their Science experiments.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Oak Tree Class Timetable Spring I


It has been a very busy half term of learning and exciting activities for all!


Trip to the Postal Museum

On Wednesday, the 28th of November, the girls and boys from Year 2 visited the Postal Museum. It was a truly unforgettable experience riding through the hidden tunnels to learn about the history of the Mail and then exploring fun- filled interactive displays. The children loved discovering a miniature mail –themed world by taking on the jobs of postal workers. We also learned a lot about writing Christmas cards in the Victorian times. A great day was had by all!


Advent is ‘a time of getting ready’ and preparing ourselves for the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. Father Kevin came to our class to help us think about this very special time. We made our Advent wreath this year out of plastic bags. We also wrote our thoughtful prayers for each day of Advent.

We have raised money for Winston’s wish and contributed gifts to Love in a Box.



Great Fire of London!

This term, in English, we have been learning to write letters and diaries. We were all inspired by Samuel Pepys and his famous diary of the Great Fire of London. This has helped us to learn about our history and the events from the past. The boys and girls from Oak Tree Class have shared some amazing home learning projects!


Autumn - was a busy time in our school garden. We have made bird feeders, planted bulbs, prepared experiments on compostable and non-compostable materials and watched the life cycle of the sunflowers. Recently, we have been learning all about food chains, which often start right there in the garden.

Thank you for your continued support!

Mrs Saiz and Miss Moriaty