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Oak Tree Class 


A warm welcome to parents and children from Oak Tree Class.

Thank you for visiting our class page. Here you will find lots of information about the fun and exciting things we are learning about. And as we are always very busy, please do visit our page often to see all of our wonderful and exciting adventures. 

Mrs Saiz and Miss Kothiria

Spring Term I 

English Drama 'The Sound Collector"

The Tin Forest

Making bird feeders

Rainforest Home Learning Projects

Autumn Term I 




The sunflowers in the school garden inspired our acrostic poems and helped us with measurement in Maths. We also used our observation skills to create paintings in the style of Van Gogh.

The story of ‘The Gigantic Turnip’

We retold the story of ‘The Gigantic Turnip’ through drama. We acted out the beginning, middle and end of the story and can you guess our favourite part?

 ‘they pulled and heaved and tugged and yanked until the turnip went POP!’

The story inspired us to write our own version. Luckily, there many vegetables in the school garden ready for Harvest…

POSTCARDS from the ZooLab Workshop

We had a very special workshop to help us learn more about different animals, their habitats, diet and how they have adapted to their environments. We enjoyed our ZOOLAB experience and wrote some postcards telling our family and friends all about it.

LEAFLETS about the Giant African Land Snails

By taking care of our school pets- The Giant African Land Snails, we learn more about them. We wrote an information text to teach others about these fascinating creatures.


This term in maths we have been learning about Place Value. Place Value, as the name suggests, is all about recognising the value of numbers! For example in the number 34 we can see that it is made up of 3 tens and 4 ones.
The children have spent time representing both two digit and 3 digit numbers using a variety of different concrete resources including numicon, blocks and dienes.

Autumn Maths Display

Writing numbers and counting

Number bonds

Partitioning into tens and ones


In the Autumn term, our science topic is

‘Living Things and Their Habitats’.

We enjoyed exploring our school garden and observing animals and plants that live in different habitats. We learned about and compared different habitats. We used our observation skills, grouping and classifying to collect and sort living things, things that had once lived and things that had never lived.

All of them make a habitat!


Exploring micro-habitats in the school garden

Collecting seeds

Compostable and Non-Compostable Materials

We set up an investigation to see which materials are compostable and non compostable. We collected materials from the school grounds and then sorted them into the two groups. Next we buried them in the garden and we will patiently wait to see what happens...

AUTUMN Detectives

We became Autumn detectives and made exciting projects to celebrate this beautiful season.


During the first half-term, we have been learning about the continents and oceans of the world. Children learned their names and where they are located in a world map. We also investigated some facts about important landscapes and animals that live in each continent snd ocean.

Physical and Human Features

Sharing information about continents

Religious Education

Beginning with God

We have been learning about the story of Moses and the Burning Bush. We made links between our own experience and metaphors for God in the Bible. By looking at our school garden and the world around us, we learned how to be grateful for God’s wonderful creation and God’s presence in our lives.

 We explained the Trinity using the sign of the Cross.



During PSHE this half-term, we have been learning about a variety of ideas that explore our feelings and opinions on a range of topics. Some examples include how to reduce the spread of germs, the importance of rules in the classroom, incorporating Learning Behaviours and special visits. We have had an eventful first half term, please take a look at what we have done to get a real taste of our learning. 



Carrot cake!! We worked as part of a team to pick and prepare fresh carrots from our school garden to make delicious carrot cake for each other>

KEEP GERMS AWAY! We learnt to understand why germs are harmful and the how to stop the spread by keeping clean and healthy>

WORLD EARTH DAY: We celebrated World Earth Day by making a poster to explain why we have to take care of our world. We learnt how to be more respectful to our environment by taking care of it.

SPECIAL VISIT: We were very excited to learn that we had a surprise visit from two police dogs. They were very friendly and we learned they have a very important job of keeping people safe in our community.

ASSEMBLY: BRITISH VALUES. During our assembly, we learnt about British Values. We shared ideas and leant that everyone living in Britain has to follow important rules called laws to help respect each other to live in harmony.

ASSEMBLY: PEACE As part this assembly, we learned how to be more forgiving, kind, caring, and accepting of other and ourselves. We thought about and discussed how we can be more peaceful.

WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY: We spent some time in our busy school life to think about Mental Health. We shared and heard ideas from each other on how to stay positive when something challenging happens in our life.

ASSEMBLY: RULES During this assembly, we had a lively discussion about why we have rules. We thought about our school Golden Rules and rules in different places. We learnt we have rules to keep us safe and to help us show respect to each other.

HALLOWEEN PARADE: We ended our first half term by dressing up for Halloween. We had so much fun wearing our costumes and showing them off to our family during a parade in our school garden.

SAFE OR UNSAFE: We worked in pairs to discuss what we consider to be safe and unsafe. We had a mixture of pictures with sentences that showed if something is safe or unsafe. We worked with our partner to put them in the correct category.


In the first half-term, we have been learning about an important artist: Vincent Van Gogh. Children have researched about his life and artistic movement. Inspired by Van Gogh's art, children sketched and painted their own version of one of Van Gogh's most famous paintings: The Sunflowers. Children used paints and oil pastels for their artistic creations.




Autumn Term 2



Letter to Father Christmas


We were very excited to write our letters to Father Christmas. We had lots of questions to ask him in our letter - How old are you? How many elves do you have? How do you travel around the world in just one night?

We also spent some time reflecting on the year, telling Father Christmas our achievements and things we would like to improve... things that we promise to work on in the new year!

We wish all our friends, family and school teachers a very happy Christmas and the happiest New Year!

Poetry Assembly


We had our first Poetry Assembly where each class recited a poem. Our class performed the poem inspired by the Polar Express. We used lots of action and emotion when we presented it to the school.

The Polar Express - Letter


We had the best time this week! We read the story of The Polar Express and we also watched the film. It was such a magical day - we wore our cozy pyjamas whilst drinking hot cocoa and watching the christmas movie!

After, we wrote letters to our parents retelling our magical experience on the Polar Express.

Inspired by the story of 'ONE PLASTIC BAG', we made posters to encourage our school community to recycle and reuse plastic.




The end of this half term, we have been looking at money. We reviewed the names of the coins and notes that we learned in Year 1, and we learned how to add and subtract pounds and pennies. We also learned a key concept: change - when we pay more than what we need, we get the difference in return and we call that change!

In order to understand the importance of money, we played a bartering game pretending we were living in London hundreds of years ago when people had to trade objects. This game helped us understand how lucky we are to use money now for transactions.

Addition and subtraction

So far this term has been all about addition and subtraction! We have used our place value skills to help us solve problems using both one digit and two digit numbers. As this term progresses will be developing a wide range of strategies including using number lines, partitioning, tens frames and as always concrete resources to support out learning and problem solving skills.


Use of Everyday Materials


We have started a new Topic in Science... USE OF EVERYDAY MATERIALS!


We are looking at the different types of materials around us and describing their properties.


Is it waterproof? Let's check with water!

Is it flexible? Let's strectch it out!

Is it bendy? Let's prove it!


In our Gardening lessons, we looked at building a winter shelter and we had to decide which materials were suitable considering the weather conditions!

How do animals in a habitat depend on each other?

We enjoyed learning and investigating how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals and how this can be affected by the seasons. We created our own simple food chains and identified the producer and then the consumer. We had so much fun playing the food chain game!


Autumn garden maintenance

Getting the garden ready for WINTER can be hard work.

We used rakes, brushes and wheelbarrows to pick up leaves. We used forks and trowels to scoop out the leaf mulch and put on our planting beds ready for planting our seeds in Spring.




In the second half-term, we are learning about the three most important Queens of England: Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. We are learning about their lives and key facts about their reigns.

Children have made some amazing projects and art works about each of the queens.


Religious Education (RE)


Christmas Carols Service

Travelling Crib


During the month of December, two children from each class took home the Travelling Crib for one night. At home, they set up the Nativity scene, completed activities in their activity book about the nativity then ended their day with a specail prayer with their family. It was a very special activity to share with our families at this time of the year.



Annunciation, Visitation and Nativity


As we were approaching Christmas, we explored the story of the Annunciation, Visitation and Nativity. 

With the Annunciation story, we wrote a diary entry as if we were Mary explaining what happened on that day and describing our feelings and emotions. 

When learning about the Visitation, we read the story according to Luke and we discussed what happened on that special day when Mary visited Elizabeth.

The Nativity story is part of the Bible we were familiar with. We read the Birth of Jesus according to Luke, but we also compared Luke's and Matthew's Gospel to see what elements were the same and what characters or scenarios varied. 



We learnt about Advent as a time for preparation and excitement. We discussed what preparation entails - preparing our minds, hearts and bodies for the birth of Jesus. 

We also looked at the Advent symbols and discussed their meaning at this important time of the year. We wrote individual Advent promises and prayers that we added to our class Advent wreath, choosing one a day to read and reflect upon.

On Thursday, we were so lucky to have a special mass in our school chapel with Monsignior Roger where he talked to us about Advent.




Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas party and a very special visit from Santa. What a fabulous end to a very busy term. The children had a fantastic time celebrating the chritsmas season with their friends.




Design and Technology (D&T)

3D pop-up Chritsmas Cards inspired by the story from Matthews Gospel of the three wise men visiting baby Jesus in his manger.

Christmas Decorations


This term in Computing, we will be learning how to give instructions and write algorithms for everyday objects.

Welcome to Oak Tree Class




Bee Day Assembly

In Oak Tree Class, our Summer Term assembly was all about BEES! We spent weeks learning more about these fascinating insects and preparing our assembly. We learnt a special dance to the song "Making the Garden Grow", which was included as part of our presentation. We even spent a morning tasting lots of different types of honey so we could understand better how important bees are to our food supply. 



In our gardening lessons we have been learning all about how to plant seeds. We each planted our own seeds and have been watching them grow over the past few months. This is part of our science investigation technique: observation over time. We have also transferred our sunflowers from pots into flower beds and have been out in the garden watering and weeding, making sure our garden can grow beautifully!

30 Days Wild

During the month of June, Oak Tree Class participated in the 30 Days Wild competition. Each day we aimed to get out into nature and record a “wild” thing we did that day. We brought in pictures, drawings and written work about what we did to interact with the world around us.

Insect Week

Oak Tree participated in Insect Week by exploring in our garden, looking for a variety of insects. We created tally charts to collect data about the different types of insects we found. We then used this data in our Math Lessons to create problems and number sentences using the number of insects we found.

Animals Including Humans

In our new science topic, we have been exploring the life cycles of humans, how we grow and how to stay healthy by eating a balanced diet. We did an investigation to see if the bigger the body part you had, the older you are. We measured the size of heads and shoe sizes of children and our teachers.



We have been learning how to tell the time in Maths lessons. We have used our knowledge of halves and quarters to help us split up the clock. Using mini clocks, we have been able to tell the time in intervals of 5 minutes, 15 minutes and half an hour. It has been really enjoyable using our maths to learn a very important life skill which we use every day.


In our Fractions lessons, we have been using skills we learnt in multiplication and division to help us identify fractions and figure out fractions of numbers. We have learnt how to recognise equivalent fractions and count in fractions on a number line.


Grotto Decoration

The beautiful Grotto in our school garden has been undergoing renovation and as part of the new decoration we each picked a stone from the Grotto to decorate. We designed our stones with symbols of Mary and they were blessed by Fr Mark before being returned to the Grotto.

Fr Mark Visit

When Fr Mark came to bless the stones, we were lucky enough to be able to participate in a question and answer session with him. Our topic in RE is Discipleship and we asked Fr Mark questions about how he is a disciple of God and how we too can show discipleship.

Learning about Islam

When learning about Islam and the importance of prayer for Muslims, we were very lucky that Miss Kermanipour from Ash Tree Class came to speak to us about Islam. She showed us a Prayer Mat that Muslims use to pray on and we were able to see a Qur’an. We also learnt about the Five Pillars of Islam and what they mean. It was very interesting learning about a different religion and we are very grateful to Miss Kermanipour.

One World Week

During One World Week we had a zoom session with a representative from CAFOD who told us all about CAFODs new campaign to encourage children to look after the world around them. We undertook the challenge to be “Zero Heroes” and be the “eyes of the world” by encouraging people to be sustainable and protect the world we live in.


Our class was also given a country to research and learn more about. Oak Tree Class’ country was… JAMAICA! We made lots of projects all about Jamaica and watched videos of famous Jamaican achievements, such as the 100m Olympic wins by Usain Bolt. We also participated in a dance session were we learnt a dance that represented Jamaica.

On the last day of the week we all dressed up representing either Jamaica or the country our family comes from.

Project Display

Learning our Jamaican Dance Routine