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Welcome to Holly Tree Class!


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Music with Ms Chapple!

Music with Ms Chapple! 1
Music with Ms Chapple! 2
We love listening to the guitar in music class! We learn different songs each lesson and play fun dancing games too!

From yogurt bottles to snowmen...

Come to the Christmas Fair and buy the funky Christmas ornaments we've made!

Come to the Christmas Fair and buy the funky Christmas ornaments we've made! 1
Spud and Yam came in on Friday! We learned lots of new songs and played new instruments where children were happy to hear new sounds!
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The children have been learning about how important our bodies are when we are writing. We started our program of Write Dance where the children first do warm ups to music and then lay on their bellies to make big movements with their hands. The theme for last week was drawing a volcano! 

Hello and welcome to Holly Tree Class 2019-2020!

It has been a fun, exciting and busy start to the new year! We are certainly exploring what it means to be in Reception. In just these few weeks of school, the children are learning how to settle on the carpet, learning how to write their names, learning how to make friends and play nicely while also attending PE and music lessons! We have also had visitors come in to read us stories and visitors to show us real bugs. This is only just the start as we will be doing many more fun and exciting learning this term!

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Holly Tree Class 2018-2019

Summer Term

Gardening with Ms Kurner!

Thank you for bringing back your grown bean plant! Holly Tree Class learned all about the parts of a plant such as the roots, stem and leaves. We also discussed how we take care of our plants and a child said, "We need to water it so it grows!" The children planted their beans with Ms Kurner in the garden and we look forward to seeing it grow even more. 



The caterpillars have changed into a butterfly! The children could not believe the change happened in our classroom. They were mesmerized by being able to see the full life cycle of a butterfly. The children were so excited to release them into the garden but also sad to see them fly away. All together, the three reception classes sang our Caterpillar song as we watched them fly away. 


 Our Trip to Odd's Farm

Holly Tree Class went to the farm! The children were so excited to learn all the different things that happen at the farm such as cow milking! The children saw many animals such as pigs, sheep, goats, donkeys, and rabbits. We had the opportunity to stroke rabbits, feed the goats, and milk kids. The children could not contain their excitement. At the end of the day, many children said their favourite part was the tractor ride!

  Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Holly Tree Class is delighted to have new life in our classroom and in our school! We have caterpillars and chicks who we watch daily to see them hatch and grow. We are learning all about their life cycle and what they are at each stage and how they change. The children are fascinated by how quickly the caterpillars are growing and are eager to release them when they become butterflies! 


Spring Term 



 RE Topic: Growing

Holly Tree Class spent two weeks learning all about the Easter Story. We learned everything from the beginning (Palm Sunday) to the end (Jesus' Resurrection). The children were able to retell the story and write about the story in order. As a special treat for all of their hard work, we made chocolate nests for Easter! We wrote out the recipe and ingredients and got right into making it. The children all said it was delicious!

RE Topic: Gathering 

During the topic of Gathering in RE, Holly Tree Class has been learning about the Eucharist and what it is. The children had many learning opportunities to explore how the church gathers for mass, what the Priest does through role play and what concepts such as host and chalice. A child said during her learning that at church, "We sing and we listen to the Father in Church. We also eat bread for Jesus' body and win for Jesus' blood."

PE Lesson: Using the apparatus 

Holly Tree Class was so excited to start using the apparatus with Coach Andrews! We first learned how to safely use the equipment and then Coach Andrew's taught was the importance of balancing. We balanced walking along the benches, we learned how to jump and land properly and safely, and we learned how to climb up and down safely. The children were all very brave and all tried to climb to the very top!

Snow Day!


To start off the Spring Term, Holly Tree Class enjoyed the snow! Many children had not seen snow before and it was very exciting for them to see it fall from the sky and stay on the ground. We made snowballs and explored the feeling of snow using our 5 senses. The children noticed the snow melted in their hands and it turned to water and so we had a discussion in class of what snow really is! We also learned that no two snowflakes are ever the same!

Autumn Term 

Holly Tree Class 


Our Christmas Play

Since the end of our Christmas Play where we spent time learning about Advent and the Nativity Story, we have been exploring the famous book The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg. The amazing illustrations have enabled the children to focus on the skill of ‘describing.’ We have looked at describing the environment, the character’s feelings and what they are thinking, and how to describe their own feelings about the story. The children have learned a lot of rich vocabulary from the story and each other, which will enable them to tell and write their own detailed stories in the future!


The children were so excited to enact the ‘Hot Chocolate Scene’ in our classroom! They all came to school dressed in their pyjamas and could not contain their excitement about the hot chocolate. Our class did a survey of who liked marshmallows in their hot chocolate and who didn’t! After the survey, the class was set to look like a train and the children were ready to board with their golden ticket!