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Here you will find lots of information about the fun and exciting things we are learning about. And as we are always very busy, please do visit our page often to see all of our wonderful and exciting adventures.

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Today 17th June we celebrated Father's Day in our school. Many daddies could come to our class to pray and sing with us in our Father's Day Act of Worship. It was so lovely to see our fathers coming to our classroom, reading them our Father's Day cards and sharing such a special moment with them.



Chestnut Tree class - Baking time!


We made some mathematical calculations to see how much of each ingredients we needed to bake our Chestnut Tree class sponge cake for Friday's Cake Sale.





What an amazing day! We saw many different types of animals, from tiny ants to huge scary lions! Our favourite part was exploring the RAINFOREST where we saw many different species that we recognised from our Geography lessons! We also did a workshop about different types of animals depending on their skin and we had the opportunity to explore the skin types with tools such as magnifying glasses and tweezers. In the penguin show we had the chance to meet Charlie, the most playful penguin who loves to sing!




We are so excited to announce that the six eggs have hatched and now we have six cute little ducklings to look after in our school. We need to teach them how to swim so they can be super good swimmers when they come back to their farm!


As part of our Art topic this summer half term inspired by Alexander Calder and Anthony Gormley, we were using parts of our bodies (hand) to make clay sculptures. It was SO much fun!



Mrs Medina wishes Chestnut Tree class a restful and enjoyable Easter time with your families and friends. You have all worked incredibly hard in your learning on this Spring term and I am very proud of you!

May the Easter break bring lots of happiness and joy!


See you in two weeks time!


Thank you so much to all parents and carers that came to our school today to participate in our Easter bonnet parade! All children made a great effort with their Easter bonnets, they all looked amazing!


Children became scientists this week. They presented their experiments to the class, with lost of excitement and enthusiasm from everyone participating.

We also made a class project called "Shelf Life" where we grew plants from their corresponding packaging (for example, beans in a bean can!).

heart Mother's Day heart

Children celebrated this special time by making personalised fabric pouches which they hand stitched and wrote beautiful poems for their mums.

Mums were invited into our class and we all gathered together for a special Act of Worship, where we sang songs, prayed together and recited some poems to our mummies.


Thank you all for coming and joining us!




Today it was our class assembly. We did a presentation about CAFOD Family Fast day, that we celebrate on the 11th March.


Children in Chestnut Tree class used their big acting voice to say their lines and do the role-plays of the assembly. Mrs Medina and Miss Valera were SUPER IMPRESSED!!!



D&T: Sewing!


On this week, we have learned how to sew a running stitch. We were extra-careful and sensible with the needles while sewing. We enjoyed it so much! We cannot wait for the next lessons!

World Book Day!

Thursday 3th March 2022

The 80's Day!

Children's Mental Health Week


In Chestnut tree class we have been focusing on this year's Children's Mental Health Week theme "GROWING TOGETHER". We had lots of class discussions throughout the week about how can we help people around us to grow: sharing, being kind, helping out, being patience...


We also did MINDFULNESS exercises to help ourselves calm down and relax our minds. Relaxing minds are healthy minds! "Belly Breathing" was our favourite one - we learned how to breath slowly with our belly so we try to keep our shoulders and chest still - that really helped calming our minds!


On Wednesday we became MENTAL HEALTH SCIENTISTS and we did a social experiment in class. We wanted to see how powerful KIND WORDS are and how much they affect our mood, therefore, our Mental Health. We sat in a circle and shared how were we feeling. After that, we took turns to tell each other kind words: "You are a lovely friend", "I love your hair", "Your handwriting is amazing", "Would you like to play with me?".

After sharing all these kind words, we asked ourselves the same question: How are we feeling?

We were so amazed to check that our mood improved significantly!! We all felt happier, more cheerful and excited. KIND WORDS ARE SO POWERFUL!

Number Day!

Birdwatch week


In the first half-term, we have been learning about an important artist: Vincent Van Gogh. Children have researched about his life and artistic movement. Inspired by Van Gogh's art, children sketched and painted their own version of one of Van Gogh's most famous paintings: The Sunflowers. Children used paints and oil pastels for their artistic creations.


The Sound Collector - Poetry


On the first week back to school, we explored the fascinating world of POETRY. We read the poem "The Sound Collector", by Roger MacGough and identified the sounds that were so beautifully described in the poem: the HISSSSSSING of the kettle, the TURNING of the lock, the PURRRRRING of the kitten, the TICKING of the clock...


We discussed elements of the poem that we liked and disliked, spotted the rhyming words and performed the poem all together using some instruments and body percussion. 



Letter to Father Christmas


We were very excited to write our letters to Father Christmas. We had lots of questions to ask him in our letter - How old are you? How many elves do you have? How do you travel around the world just in one night?

We also spent some time reflecting on the year, telling Father Christmas our achievements and things to improve... things that we promise to work on in the new year!

We wish all our friends, family and school teachers a very happy Christmas and the happiest New Year!


Poetry Assembly


We had our first Poetry Assembly where each class recited a poem. Our class performed the poem "Christmas" written by M.E. Miro.


The Polar Express - Letter


We had the best time this week! We read the story of The Polar Express and we also watched the film. It was such a magical day - we were on our cozy pyjamas drinking hot cocoa and watching such a Christmassy movie!

We wrote letters to our parents retelling them our magical experience in the Polar Express.


One Plastic Bag - Poster


We raised awareness of the importance of looking after our planet and recycling by reading this interesting book called "One Plastic Bag" set in Gambia, Africa. We made posters to inform people in our school community of the importance of reduce, reuse and recycle!

Giant African Snails: Writing a leaflet

By taking care of our school pets- The Giant African Land Snails, we learn more about them. We wrote an information text to teach others about these fascinating creatures.

Zoolab workshop: Recount writing on a postcard

We had a very special workshop to help us learn more about different animals, their habitats, diet and how they have adapted to their environments. We enjoyed our ZOOLAB experience and wrote some postcards telling our family and friends all about it.

The Gigantic Turnip: Writing our version of the story

We retold the story of ‘The Gigantic Turnip’ through drama. We acted out the beginning, middle and end of the story and can you guess our favourite part?

 ‘they pulled and heaved and tugged and yanked until the turnip went POP!’

The story inspired us to write our own version. Luckily, there many vegetables in the school garden ready for Harvest…

Acrostic poem: The Sunflowers

The sunflowers in the school garden inspired our acrostic poems and helped us with measurement in Maths. We also used our observation skills to create paintings in the style of Van Gogh.




At the end of the half term we have been looking at money. We reviewed the names of the coins and notes that we learned in Year 1, and we learned how to add and subtract pounds and pennies. We also learned a key concept: change - when we pay more than what we need, we get the difference in return and we call that change!

In order to understand the importance of money, we played a bartering game pretending we were living in London hundreds years ago when people had to trade objects. The game that helped us understand how lucky we are to use money now for transactions.


We have also been working on addition and subtraction! We have used our place value skills to help us solve problems using both one digit and two digit numbers. As this term progresses will be developing a wide range of strategies including using number lines, partitioning, tens frames and as always concrete resources to support out learning and problem solving skills.



This term in Maths we have been learning about Place Value. Place Value, as the name suggests, is all about recognising the value of numbers! 



For example in the number 34 we can see that it is made up of 3 tens and 4 ones.


The children have spent time representing both two digit and three digit numbers using a variety of different concrete resources including Numicon, blocks and dienes.


Beginning with God

We have been learning about the story of Moses and the Burning Bush. We made links between our own experience and metaphors for God in the Bible. By looking at our school garden and the world around us, we learned how to be grateful for God’s wonderful creation and God’s presence in our lives.

 We explained the Trinity using the sign of the Cross.

Travelling Crib


During the month of December, two children from each class were taking the Travelling Crib home. At home, they set up the Nativity scene, had did some prayers with their family and they had an activity book to fill out. It was a very special activity to share with our families in this time of the year.

Annunciation, Visitation and Nativity


As we were approaching to Christmas, we explored the story of the Annunciation, Visitation and Nativity. 

With the Annunciation story, we wrote a diary entry as we were Mary explaining what happened on that day and describing our feelings and emotions. 

When learning about the Visitation, we read the story according to Luke and we discussed what happened on that special day when Mary visited Elizabeth. Our favourite part was when Elizabeth told Mary that her baby leaped of joy in her womb when he heard her voice.

The Nativity story is a part of the Bible we were familiar with. We read the Birth of Jesus according to Luke, but we also compared Luke's and Matthew's Gospel and see what elements were the same and what characters or scenarios varied. 



The Visitation - Role Play



We learned about Advent as a time for preparation and excitement. We discussed what preparation entails - preparing our minds, hearts and bodies for the birth of Jesus. 

We also looked at the Advent symbols and discussed their meaning in this important time of the year. We wrote individual Advent promises and prayers that we added to our class Advent wreath, choosing one a day to read and reflect on it.

On Thursday, we were so lucky to have a special mass in our school chapel with Monsignior Roger where he talked to us about Advent.


Month of the Rosary

Moses and the Burning Bush

Mary's Grotto


Use of Everyday Materials


We have started a new Topic in Science... USE OF EVERYDAY MATERIALS!


We are looking at the different types of materials around us and describing their properties.


Is it waterproof? Let's check with water!

Is it flexible? Let's pull it out!

Is it bendy? Let's prove it!


In our Gardening lessons, we looked at building a winter shelter and we had to decide which materials were more suitable to do so considering the weather conditions!


How do animals in a habitat depend on each other?

We enjoyed learning and investigating how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals and how this can be affected by the seasons. We created our own simple food chains and identified the producer and then the consumer. We had so much fun playing the food chain game!

Autumn garden maintenance

Getting the garden ready for WINTER can be hard work.

We used rakes, brushes and wheelbarrows to pick up leaves. We used forks and trowels to scoop out the leaf mulch and put on our planting beds ready for planting our seeds in Spring.

Compostable and Non-Compostable Materials

We set up an investigation to see which materials are compostable and non compostable. We collected materials from the school grounds and then sorted them into the two groups. Next we buried them in the garden and we will patiently wait to see what happens...

In the Autumn term, our science topic is ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’.

We enjoyed exploring our school garden and observing animals and plants that live in different habitats. We learned about and compared different habitats. We used our observation skills, grouping and classifying to collect and sort living things, things that had once lived and things that had never lived.

All of them make a habitat!





In this second half-term, we are learning about the three most important Queens of England: Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. We are learning about their lives and key facts about their reigns.

Children have made some amazing projects and art works about each of the queens!



In October we celebrated Black History Month. We learned about the Windrush and the importance of cultural diversity. We did a reading comprehension activity, posters and activities, creating a lovely project to display in our classroom.





During the first half-term, we have been learning about the continents and oceans of the world. Children learned their names and where they are located in a world map. We also investigated some facts about important landscapes and animals that live in each continent and ocean.





We explored different types of mechanisms and we used that knowledge to create our Christmas Cards with levers and spinners!







Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas Pantomime and Santa's visit

Remembrance Day



Odd Socks Day


Anti-Bullying Week

Celebrating Halloween!cool


During PSHE this half-term, we have been learning about a variety of ideas that explore our feelings and opinions on a range of topics. Some examples include how to reduce the spread of germs, the importance of rules in the classroom, incorporating Learning Behaviours and special visits. We have had an eventful first half term, please take a look at what we have done to get a real taste of our learning.




This term in computing has been spent familiarising the children with how to correctly use laptops and iPads as well how we stay safe when venturing online. Computing spans across the curriculum and the children have had the opportunity to bring their IT skills into a variety of lessons, whether it be researching different continents or using programmes like J2e to record data about our garden plants. 

Chestnut Tree Class 2020-2021
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Summer Term



School Grotto 


Our school grotto is being restored and we were all invited to collect a stone from the grotto. We decorated the stone in class with words and images that help us to reflect on Mary.



We enjoyed learning about Islam, the Muslim religion. We learnt how they worship Allah and Miss Kermanipour shared some Islamic traditions with us in class.

We celebrated One World Week.

Each class represented a different country. We all enjoyed learning about the countries and shared our learning with a big display in the hall. We also learnt new dances from each country and we wore clothes from our home countries.

As part of our celebration of the Year of St Joseph, we came to school dressed up as our dads, granddads or favourite male role model to celebrate Father's Day



We had some Zoom sessions with Harold the Giraffe. He told us all about our feelings and staying safe with our friends.

Dressing Up


We have had may fun days when we have come to school dressed up to celebrate creativity.

Hip Hop Day

Matisse Art Day

New Life in Our School

Spring Term



During our spring gardening lessons we counted the animals we found in our garden. We also spent time learning to identify all the different flowers on our school garden.

Counting Animals

Identifying Flowers

We were all invited to create an Easter Bonnet for a class parade. Our school councilors had the tricky job of judging the completion and awarding the prizes. We were very lucky as we also had a special visit off the Easter Bunny who had treats for all of us!

Making Winter Shelters

In science we have begun our new topic Materials.  We have been exploring and investigating different types of materials and different properties that they have, whether they are waterproof or not, can bend or not, warm or cool etc. After our investigation into the different materials we had the chance to test out our theories by creating our own winter shelter in the garden. But there was a catch! Mr. Charles was going to test out how good our shelters were at keeping us dry by pouring water over the top! Have a look and see how well (or not?!) we did!

Pyjama Day

This was one of Chestnut Tree Class’ favourite days so far this year! Not only did we get to wear our pyjamas to school, we got to spend the day creating Christmas decorations, Christmas colouring, and reading books together. Then as an extra special treat we watched a movie in the afternoon with POPCORN! We had such a wonderful day and felt so cosy and warm!


During Autumn Term we have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh and looking at his different artworks. We have looked particularly closely at his work ‘The Sunflowers’ and had a go at re-creating our own versions. Here is some of our work we are particularly proud of!


We’ve begun our topic in history: ‘From the River Brent to the River Thames’. Our first task was to place different dates and events that happened in London onto a timeline in chronological order (which we learnt is the order that things happen in).

Food Chains:

Within Science we have been learning about Habitats and Living Things. This week we looked closely at how animals rely on their environment to survive. We were each given an animal and needed to create our own food chains, thinking about which animal would be the prey to another. After that we thought about what would happen if there were limited, or nothing left of a particular food source (such as berries) and how that would impact the food chain. Slowly causing more and more animals to rely on a different food source, or worst of all possibly become extinct!

It’s really important that we look after our environment to make sure that something like what we acted out doesn’t happen!

Happy Halloween!

Chestnut Tree really enjoyed celebrating Halloween and getting the chance to dress up. Even though we weren’t able to share our wonderful costumes in the parade like usual it was still great to see the costumes within our bubble. Here’s a sneak peek.


This week in our Gardening session we learnt the importance of garden maintenance. By keeping the garden clean and maintaining it, it will make sure that the plants can continue to grow and thrive in years to come.

Chestnut Tree Class 2019-2020

Spring Term

Please check the Home Learning Y2 page

for weekly activities for the children to do while the school is closed.

Stay Safe!

Planting Seeds!

Before the end of the school term, we needed to clear out our designated vegetable plot of the garden and plant new seeds so that when we return, there will hopefully be new crops beginning to grow. Unfortunately we will not be there to harvest these as we will have begun our new and exciting adventure in Year 3. But students that will come after us will have the enjoyment that we were able to experience, just like the Year 2 students last year did for us. 

Making Paper!

In Art class this term we created our own paper! We wanted to make sure we were thinking about our environment and tried not to make something that would create more waste, so we used different types of recycled paper to create something new! We then used this paper to create something special for someone who we consider as special in our lives.

We were also able to use this activity in Literacy as we wrote up our own instructions on 'How to Make Handmade Paper' so that other people who may not have known how to do this could follow our instructions and create their own handmade paper!


Science Week

During Science week we were encouraged to research and bring in our own science experiments to share with our class! Chestnut Tree Class had many different experiments to share including invisible ink, contained tornado, using a gas reaction to inflate a balloon, the reaction that occurs between soap and surface tension, a bubble tube and many coca-cola and mento reactions! Because we had many of the same experiment we took this opportunity to change different variables to see if the reaction would change at all.

We considered what would happen:

- If we used bottled cola compared to different to one from a can?

- If the botte was shook compared to one that was kept still?

- If we put the mento directly into the container of cola, or poured it into a seperate cup?

We really enjoyed our time as scientists and used our learning behaviours of being CURIOUS and CREATIVE to help us think more deeply about our experiments and to ask questions. 

Gardening: Seed Germination

During our gardening lesson we have been looking closely at plants. In past classes we have planted our own bulbs and will be observing them grow in our own school garden. Whist that is happening we undertook an experiment where we planted beans on different days and then after a week removed them from the soil so we would be able to see the process of germination occurring. Once we had observed the different stages closely, we were able to get creative and using clay, recreated what the process looked like.