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A warm welcome to parents and children from

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Thank you for visiting our class page.  Here you will find lots of information about the fun and exciting things we are learning! And as we are always very busy do visit this page often as we will be sharing all our amazing adventures.



The Year 1 phonics screen will take place in the Summer Term. As you are probably aware all children in Year 1 have to take part in this. 

Please look below to learn more about the phonics screen and how you can help your child at home.

Click on the links bellow for more information.

Use these free activities to help your child to practise and get ready:

What is the Phonics Screening check?

If you would like further information, please click here to see the Department for Education’s pdf on phonics and the phonics screening check.

*Beech Tree Class 2023-2024*

Today in art we were sculpting paper to make a tree of life!🌳 All through team work

Number day 🥇🎲

Congratulations to our children with 100% attendance⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

In art this term we are exploring paper sculpture.

Falconry UK workshop

We had so much fun in PE, check out how good we are at climbing and balancing!

It’s bird watch week! Last week we made bird feeders to put in our school garden.

Today in Adventure learning we were around the camp fire, toasting marshmallows !

Today in maths we have been learning how to make fact families from ten frames!

Happy New Year! After a lovely break we have had a great week back as the new Beech Tree Class

Christmas jumper day!

In DT we have been inspired by the fruit and vegetables in our garden. We have researched what to include in our soup and today we made a delicious vegetable soup!

We are experts at caring for our school pets, the Giant African Snails. This week in English we are creating non-fiction leaflets on how to look after them!

In gardening we have collected things from the school garden to create beautiful art!

In history this term our topic is 'Our school then and now.' Today we explored what artefacts we have in our school from many years ago!

Odd socks for Anti-bullying week!

Still image for this video


In science, we have been learning about animal groups. Check out our reptiles!

Happy Halloween!

In English our book has been the Little Red Hen. To celebrate the last day of term, unlike the story, we ALL worked together to make delicious bread.

In science our topic this term is 'Animals Including Humans.' Outside in the garden we explored to see what different animals we could find!

As its is the month of October we are thinking about Mary. We are taking part in the rosary challenge and saying a decade of the rosary each morning.

Take a look inside our classroom! In Beech tree class our room is filled with all our work and projects that are not only beautiful but also help us with our learning!

Outdoor learning!! We have kicked off the new year enjoying the September sun & exploring what out school garden has to offer. In science, we have been exploring the five senses. In maths, we have been grouping and sorting and in geography, we have been exploring maps!

Beech Tree Class 2022-2023

SPORTS DAY! Well done today we were all winners!!!

We have been out enjoying the summer sun. On Monday we explored the school garden and were smelling and tasting the herbs, fruits and vegetables!

Happy Father's Day! Thank you to the families that came to our class this morning for our morning prayers. We hope you all get spoiled this weekend (The children have promised you will!)

Happy one world week!! We are all very proud of our different ethnicities and have been learning about how we can share, celebrate with and learn from other people and their culture. Beech Tree Class spent extra time this week learning about New Zealand.

This week in science we have been learning about the life cycle of ducks! Yesterday we went out to te school garden to play with the ducklings that have just hatched!

This week we have ben preparing for the Kings Coronation. Yesterday we took part in a circus skills workshop where we learned a lot of cool tricks! Today we had our tea party. :) Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Here are some pictures of us working hard in our chess lessons. It will not be long before we are all experts!

Spring is definitely here. We have been out in the school garden exploring he different flowers and other plants.

Happy Easter!!!

Our Special Talents!

Still image for this video
On Friday 24th March we had our class assembly which was all about participating. Thank you to everyone who came to watch, we hope you enjoyed! If you missed it, here is a quick clip of us showing off our special talents. :)

Mother's Day Act of Worship. Thank you to all the mums that came!

Happy World Book Day! Check out our amazing costumes!

It is bird watch week. We have been learning all about birds and on Thursday 2nd February 2023 we took part in a Falconry workshop where we go to meet some feathery friends.

Friday 3rd February 2023 - Happy Number Day!

We have been out enjoying the Winter sun during our art lessons this week! We are exploring the work of Andy Goldsworthy, who uses natural materials in his work. We have been inspired, and have been using leaves, flowers, mud stones and twigs to create our own masterpieces.

We have been very festive in Beech Tree class this week! On Tuesday 13th December 2022 we performed our nativity play - here are some behind the scenes pictures!

On Wednesday 7th December 2022, we went to Lambeth Palace on our school trip. We went on a Nativity journey to find out about the real Christmas story.

We have now finished our maths topic of 2D and 3D shape!

Today, Thursday 24th November 2022 we worked together using different equipment and ingredients to make delicious butternut squash soup.

In maths we have been working on addition and subtraction. We are at the end of this topic and very excited to move on to our new topic of shape!

This morning we were working hard outside in the school garden planting flowers!

Happy Halloween from Beech Tree Class!

We have been working hard, cleaning up the school garden! This morning we worked together using rakes and brushes to sweep up and collect all of the Autumn leaves that had fallen off the trees.

World Mental Health Day 2022! On Monday 10th October we spent the day learning about the importance of mental health and discussing our feelings. Part of this special day involved carrying out fun activities including making delicious flapjacks and visiting the school library to relax!

Celebrating Black History Month! This week we have been preparing to enter the month of October, which is Black History Month. Therefore, this week we took part in a fun workshop based on the story of Anansi. Anansi is a spider in African Folktale and is known as the King of Stories.

In Science this half term our topic is animals including humans. We have been looking at the human body, and investigating the five senses! This week we explored our sense of taste, and our sense of hearing.


End of Beech Tree Class 2021-2022

Tower of London!

Today Beech Tree Class visited the Tower of London. We learn about what it was like to live in the tower a long time ago. We looked at the King's bedroom and we were all knighted.

Did you know that the King used to move castles 50 times in one year?

Maths Week!

During Maths week we investigated how many vegetable we could find in our school garden. We had story time and had to do some detective work to find out how stole the shoemakers last.

We also went to St Mary Magdalen's school to play some maths games that the Year 4 children made for us.

What a great week!!

Coding is so much fun!

Dicken's Museum

Today, we were taken back in time in a wonderful online visit to the Dicken's Museum.

This museum was Dickens’s London home from 1837-1839. He moved there with his wife Catherine and their eldest son Charlie.

As part of our History topic 'Homes from the Past', children looked at all the rooms in the house and they learnt what the family used the rooms for.

Children were very curious and asked lots of interesting questions about life in the house in the past.

Geography Homework - Capital City of England

Landmark Project


Year 1 children were asked to create a 2D or 3D representation of a landmark fro the capital city of England as part of their Geography learning. The children went above and beyond and created spectacular famous landmarks that can be found in London.



To enhance learning in Science and PSHE, the children took part in a workshop focusing on green issues and recycling at home, school and in a global context. They learned how to turn discarded materials into useful products to reduce waste and help protect the environment.

Art Week and One World Week


This week, we have been celebrating creativity and diversity through art, poetry, dance and music. We have been expressing ourselves through  different forms of art and enjoyed dances from around the world with Lil J from Pineapple Dance Studio.

Celebrating the Queen's Jubilee


 Our school was transformed into Buckingham Palace. We all dressed up as royalty to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee! We had a garden party were we enjoyed some delicious snacks!

What a lovely way to end the half term.

In Beech Tree Class children have been learning about instructions.

Today children, had to work in teams and follow the instructions on how to make a paper plane. 

winkOur planes turned out amazing!wink

smileyWhat an exciting week it has been!smiley

We saw 6 ducklings hatch from an incubator and we got the chance to see them grow, swim and walk around.  

We were very lucky because we got to hold them in our hands. 

We have also made some great observations as part of our Science learning!

Children made some wonderful Easter Gardens for homework!

In Maths we have been learning about making different equal groups so we had a Teddy Bear's Picnic.

Learning Maths is fun!

This Half-Term in Art we are learning about Andy Goldsworthy and the way he uses natural materials in his art projects. Look at our amazing pieces of art!

On the 4th of May Beech Tree Class had a very special visit from the Mayor of Brent, Cllr Lia Colacicco. She presented Beech Tree Class with a very special plaque as the Winners of the Brent Friends of the Earth Cop 26 Winning Poster.

Beech Tree Class also received a new tree for our school garden and Cllr Lia Colacicco as well as our special guest Dr Glenis Scadding helped us to plant it. 

In English we have been learning how to write instructions on how to make a 'Rascally Cake'. Children made a 'Rascally Cake' using different 'disgusting ingredients'. Then they wrote their own instructions on how to make a 'Rascally Cake'. 

cheekyIt was simply 'RASCALLY'!!cheeky

In Geography we are learning about the United Kingdom and the four countries that make it up. We looked at a map of the United Kingdom and discussed what parts were England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We shared and discussed interesting facts about each country; the capital cities, flags, Patron Saints, the national flower and important landscapes. After, we designed a poster in small groups each one looking at one country.

In English we have been learning how to make a ghastly poem based on the book "The Rascally Cake"! Have a read of some of our 'GHASTLY' Poems!

Spring Curriculum Overview Year 1

During Science Week we had so much FUN!!!

Making Bottle Gardens - Terrariums

Mother's Day Act of Worship!

Taking Care of our Pet Snails!

Maths is FUN! How long is your snake?

Preparing the soil and planting seeds!

Learning about the Stations of the Cross in our School Chapel

From Lent To Easter

Ash Wednesday

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Drama Workshop

World Book Day


We had so much fun celebrating the World Book Day!

Our author was Anthony Brown.

Children designed their own book covers, wrote book reviews, visited the library and enjoyed reading books.


'The Sword in the Stone' Theater Perfomance

Researching about Whales using laptops!

Making Wind Vanes!

Children's Mental Health Week


In Chestnut tree class we have been focusing on this year's Children's Mental Health Week theme "GROWING TOGETHER". We had lots of class discussions throughout the week about how can we help people around us to grow: sharing, being kind, helping out, being patience...


We also did MINDFULNESS exercises to help ourselves calm down and relax our minds. Relaxing minds are healthy minds! "Belly Breathing" was our favourite one - we learned how to breath slowly with our belly so we try to keep our shoulders and chest still - that really helped calming our minds!


On Wednesday we became MENTAL HEALTH SCIENTISTS and we did a social experiment in class. We wanted to see how powerful KIND WORDS are and how much they affect our mood, therefore, our Mental Health. We sat in a circle and shared how were we feeling. After that, we took turns to tell each other kind words: "You are a lovely friend", "I love your hair", "Your handwriting is amazing", "Would you like to play with me?".

After sharing all these kind words, we asked ourselves the same question: How are we feeling?

We were so amazed to check that our mood improved significantly!! We all felt happier, more cheerful and excited. KIND WORDS ARE SO POWERFUL!

Reach for the Stars! Practicing for an amazing choreography!

Yoga is so relaxing!

All About Villains!


In Beech Tree Class we have been learning about some Traditional Tales Villains!

Children are working very hard to describe their characters. they will be writing a Non- chronological report about their chosen villain and started by organising their thoughts using a spidergram.


Number Day!

In Geography we have been learning about the different seasons and what clothes we should wear!

Bird Watch Week!!

So much fun during PE! GYMNASTICS are Amazing!

Pyjamas Day!

Autumn Curriculum Overview Year 1

smileyAutumn Term 2smiley

What do you need to LOOK AFTER YOURSELF!

Thank you for LOVE IN A BOX!

MATHS is fun!

We are learning about Fiction and Non-Fiction books. We also looked at the different features of a Non-Fiction books.

Making MANDALAS using our school garden natural resources!

Celebrating Odd Socks day and EMBRACING our differences!