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Ash Tree Class 2019-2020
Ash Tree Class 2018-2019

Summer Term


We have had a great and very busy start to the Summer Term in Ash Tree Class! We have been so excited to see new life start in many different ways.


Butterfly Release!

What a fabulous end to our very busy half term! The children were very excited to release our butterflies this afternoon. The whole of Reception and Nursery went to our garden to release our butterflies together. We had to be very quiet and watched carefully as our butterflies flew away one at a time. 

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Our Class Assembly

We hope you have an enjoyable and well rested half term holiday! The children have worked so hard this week, doing their class assembly about World Ocean Day. We are so proud of them! We have learnt lots about preventing plastic pollution and keeping the sea creatures safe. 



We have been keeping a close eye on our caterpillars and they have now formed into chrysalis'! We are very excited to see them transform into beautiful butterflies!
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This week we have been practising our Under the Sea song for our assembly on Friday 24th May and it would be great if the children could continue practising at home. The children have also taken home a poem to practise their actions to go with it.

Under the Sea

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

We have read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and learnt about the lifecycle of a butterfly. Ash Tree Class received a special delivery of caterpillars. We have been looking after and eagerly watching them grow daily. We are watching first hand their lifecycle to become butterflies. The children are very excited to release them when they become butterflies!

The children have been so excited to learn all about the life cycle that in their independent learning time they have been writing and drawing pictures of the life cycle. Fantastic work Ash Tree Class! 
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Life Cycle of a Chick

We have also been watching the life cycle of a chick! Chick eggs were delivered to school and we watched them  hatch into very cute chicks. 

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Our Trip to Odd's Farm! 


We had a brilliant time at the farm! The children were so excited to learn lots of different things at the farm, especially watching the cow being milked! We saw many animals and their babies including pigs, donkeys, rabbits, sheep and goats. We were able to stroke the rabbits, feed the sheep and goats and even helped bottle feed the kids. We were very lucky and got to end our day on the tractor ride seeing all the animals out in the fields! We were all very tired on the coach home, after our very busy day!

We have been very busy during the Last few weeks in Ash Tree Class.

We have learnt so much!

Autumn Term 

Christmas Play

A few weeks ago the children did so well in our Play ‘Christmas Counts’ performance.

Well Done Ash Tree Class.



We have learnt that Advent is a time when we wait for Jesus.

We have been learning about the ‘The First Christmas’.

The children each drew a story map and were able to retell the story.


The Polar Express-Chris Van Allsburg

The Past 2 weeks we have been learning and reading the story the Polar Express. We have done lots of good learning!

The children have been learning something each day about the story. They have been thinking carefully about how the boy in the story thinks, feels and the different people that he meets and greets.

We also had a pyjama day on Monday 17th December in which all the children took part in. We made a class train and had hot chocolate and marshmallows- pretending we were the children on the Polar express train going to the North Pole.