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Welcome to Apple Tree Nursery!




Welcome to Apple Tree Nursery Class page. 

We are always very busy in nursery and we will be sharing our learning with you. 

Come and have a look. smiley

Thank you for your continued support.

frownThe Nursery Team 







Take a look at our display where we hang up our coats if you are unsure of our school uniform. 


Each child should have...

* Navy tracksuit bottoms

* A Navy jumper with our school logo

* Blue polo top with school logo

* Black shoes preferably with no laces

* A navy or black jacket


Please can you make frequent checks that all items of uniform are labelled with your child's name.


Can children have their hair tied back while at nursery. 


Online Safety 

Our Visual Timetable

Introducing Mr Tongue 

Mr Tongue is an exercise we do in Nursery. This helps the muscles in our tongue to work, stretch and help form different sounds. 

Please can you have a go each night doing one or two pages to help your child to get them muscles working to help clarify their speech sounds. 

Mr Tongue

Meet the team

Class Dojo


A special thanks to the parents who have already signed up to class dojo! This app helps us to communicate with parents so if you need some help or support to download it, talk to one of the Nursery team and we can help you.



We love to celebrate birthdays in Nursery, when it is your child’s birthday you may like to bring a plate of fruit for the students or donate a book known as their ‘birthday book’ we would just like to remind parents that our school does not allow cakes or sweets to be brought to school.

Teach Your Child How To Put On Their Own Coat

Coat flip trick couldn't be simpler!

Our Prayers

Our Number Rhymes

Writing Patterns

Apple Tree Nursery Newsletters 

Today we done our first ever Write Dance. We learnt the handwriting pattern 'up, down, up, down.' We listened to the music and worked as a team to create our pattern of long and short shapes. We also done some exercises on our fingers to get them ready.

Making our Bug Hotels! The children worked hard to use natural materials to fill in the gaps in the bug hotels. They are excited to explore after the Christmas to see if any bugs have booked into the hotel.

Christmas Pantomime The Greediest Elf


Making Apple Crumble

Outdoor Coffee shop

Online Safety

Autumn Learning

Life Size Drawings


A big welcome to all the Apple Tree Nursery children!

The children have settled so well and have been very busy exploring our classroom and playground. Well done Nursery!

The children have been playing lots of getting to know you games and are beginning to learn their new friends names. We also love singing and have been learning lots of new rhymes and poems. Apple Tree Nursery children are beginning to learn all about the rules in nursery and we even have a tidy up song.


Clean Up Is Fun Song

Why don't you use it at home, to help with tidy up too. 



Nursery Times

Part Time Nursery: 8:30am – 11:30am

Full Time Nursery: 8:30am  – 2:30pm


End of Nursery

September 2020-July 2021

Apple Tree Nursery Newsletters 

Spring Term

Apple Tree Nursery Newsletters

Autumn Term

Jolly Phonics Sound Chart


Please have a look through the Jolly Phonics Sound Chart, and see if your child recognises any of the sounds

We will miss you Apple Tree Nursery!

End of Year Celebration!

Sports Day!

Movie Day!

One World Week

The Gingerbread Man

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Five Little Ducks

Wonderful Crazy Hair Day!

Vegetable Tasting!

Oliver's Vegetables

Under the Sea

End of Spring Term

Learning about Easter!

Maths Week


World Book Day

Science Week

Whatever Next!


Little Red Riding Hood

Shrove Tuesday

Valentines Day

Little Red Riding Hood

Rain Walk

Owl Babies

Footprints in the snow!

Climbing in PE

Making Chocolate!

Fruit Kebabs

Our very special visitor

Happy Christmas Jumper Day

Melting Chocolate Experiment

Odd Socks Day

Celebrating Black History Month

Write Dance

Living and dead in our garden

Remembrance Day

Making Fairy Cakes

Gardening with Mr Charles

We have been thinking lots about friendship and what it takes to be a good friend.

Look at our amazing work on We're going on a bear hunt.

We had a serious mission. We had to find God. We went on a God Hunt only to find out and learn that God is everywhere.

We have been learning all about Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We made some yummy porridge. Have a look at how we got on.

The children have been busy making lots of friends and learning lots already.


End of Nursery 2019-2020



July 2020

Dear Nursery, 

Summer is finally here and we have reached the end of our time together... thank you for all the wonderful memories we shared! It is now time to embark on a new journey to Reception. Congratulations! As you move on to join the primary school children, don't forget what you learned in Nursery and here is a little reminder of that... 


We will miss you! Have a fantastic summer!

Nursery Team

Our year together!

Still image for this video




Dear Parents and Carers of Apple Tree Class, 


We would like to thank you for following the government's advice on handwashing, social distancing, and other measures they have put in place to protect the people of this nation. These are difficult times as we are all trying to understand this unprecedented situation but please know that you are not alone and that as a community, we will get through this together.


In the meantime, we will be posting various things on our class page that will help your child continue their learning at home. Please check back regularly as we will post links to websites or suggest fun home projects to complete. We are committed to providing the best educational experience for your children, whether on school premises or not. 


We wish good health for you and your families during these times!



Apple Tree Class

With all the concerns over the coronavirus outbreak and how this might impact schools and your children's learning, we wanted to offer you some ideas to help you continue their educations during school closure.

Every week, on this section of our class page, we will upload new learning activities to do independently or with adult support and links to specific websites and interactive games to support the learning.

So, keep looking, keep learning and stay safe everyone!



Welcome back!!!

We hope everyone is well and had a lovely Easter holiday. We are now in the Summer Term and we have prepared lots of exciting activities for you.

Keep healthy and happy! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Stay safe.


We will continue uploading learning opportunities on this page for your child to complete at home with your support. In reception, we value learning through play that is why we have planned lots of 'learning games/activities' for you to engage in. As parents, try to extend and develop the play through questioning and suggesting ways to incorporate new vocabulary/writing/counting etc. So don't worry if your child won't sit and do school activities for long periods! Motivation to do activities at home can be tough - try to keep a routine for 'school days', have short learning activities followed by a period of play, let children know the end point of the activity (finish the task to completion or use a timer for a set period), and use lots of praise/rewards. You will know how your child works best though! We also appreciate all the other responsibilities that you have during the day and so please use the resources flexibly - some days will be more successful than others for everyone!

We would love to see what you are up to at home and you can do this by taking a photograph or writing a note and uploading your learning onto

Summer Half Term Break

 Home Learning S1 Week 3

Reading books aloud to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word. Please continue reading on a daily basis with your child! 


To help expand your at-home library since the public libraries are closed, we have included a link to an award winning children's literacy website where stories are read aloud. Research has shown that: "Reading aloud to children has been shown to improve reading, writing and communication skills, logical thinking and concentration, and general academic aptitude, as well as inspire a lifelong love of reading." 


Please have a discussion after reading the story asking questions such as these:

1. Did you like the story? Why or why not? What did you like about it? What didn't you like about it?

2. Who was your favourite character? Why? Who was your least favourite character? Why?

3. What do you think happened after the story ended?

4. What happened if...

5. How was this character feeling? How do you know?





Full time 9:00am - 3:00pm

Morning Nursery 8:30am - 11:30am

Afternoon Nursery 12:15pm - 3:15pm 


We will be opening the doors every morning at 8:30am and having a soft start. Full Time Nursery are welcome to come in from 8:30am. 

At the end of the day for Full Time and Afternoon Nursery we will be having a soft release from 3:00pm 


Take a look at our display where we hang up our coats if you are unsure of our school uniform. 

Each child should have...

* Navy tracksuit bottoms

* A Navy jumper with our school logo

* Blue polo top with school logo

* Black shoes preferably with no laces

* A navy or black jacket


Please can you make frequent checks that all items of uniform are labelled with your child's name.


Can children have their hair tied back while at nursery. 



Welcome to Apple Tree Class Mrs. Brodie! We look forward to all the learning to be had in Nursery :D

Apple Tree Nursery Newsletters 

What a busy last 2 weeks we have had in Nursery. First the children did a fantastic job at the their Nativity Performance singing 'Whoops a Daisy Angel'. Then the children all wore their festive Christmas Jumpers and made fairy cakes on the Friday. This week has been just as busy with lots of work going into making our Christmas cards.


 It's been a fantastic first term and we will see you all in January. Have a happy and safe Christmas and New years, 

from the Nursery Team. 


**Christmas Fair** 

Come to our Christmas fair tomorrow the 7th of December at 12pm and buy a one of a kind recycled puzzle piece Christmas ornament. Hope to see you all there!


Nativity Scene. 

As part of home learning this week the child have been bringing in their Nativity Scenes that they made with their parents. They look incredible and the children in class have been able to learn more about the people that were present at Jesus' birth.  

Odd Sock Day


As part of Anti Bully Week last week, the children came to school with odd socks to make an awareness of Bullying in schools. The children enjoyed wearing silly odd socks and were able to talk about the different colours and pictures that were on each others socks. 




All the children enjoyed dressing up for Halloween and walking in the parades . Thank you to the parents for all their efforts in the costumes, they all looked fantastic!!

Harvest Festival. 

Today Nursery learnt about the Harvest Festival and why it's important to help those less fortune. In the morning, Nursery went to the chapel and donated the items of food we have been collecting. This afternoon we had a Harvest Festival Mass, we sang songs to thank God for making the food that grows, for us to eat. 



laughWe have reached the end of the

First Half Term.

The children have had an amazing start to their school year. There has been lots of different learning, we have been so busy creating memories.  laugh 


Half Term begins


Pupils return 



On Tuesday 29th October the school photographer will be in to take individual photos. Practice them smiles. 


On Thursday 31st October we will be having a Halloween Parade organsied by our school PFA. 

Remember to come in that day in a Halloween Costume. We would prefer if you did not wear an all in one costume for toileting and still wear your sensible school shoes.

Also there will be a pumpkin competition for all to join in with, judged by the PFA. 

Get creative over the half term. 



Golden Rules

This week we have been learning all about the Golden Rules in nursery. 

We Learn: We always do our best to learn and achieve.

We Care: We wear our uniform with pride and look after our school.

We Respect: We listen and follow instructions respectfully. 

We are Safe: We make good choices; think of others and play safely. 


The children thought very hard about what we do in our nursery and what we shouldn't do to continue to follow good rules. 

Yasmien said, "The police help us."

Miguel explained, "We will trip over if we leave the toys out and not tidy up."

Sienna said, "We listen to the teachers and my friends." 

"We are safe in school and at home," said Louie.

"We do not go away on our own or run away anywhere on our own because it is not safe," Jacob said. 


On Thursday the children came in and seen that Nursery was in a big mess.

'It had not been tidied or set up beautifully' 

The children then thought about how we look after our toys and equipment and that it is not safe to not tidy, as we could trip over, our toys could break and we would no longer have nice things. 

The children understood that we need to care for our things. 

Making Gingerbread People

As we have been learning all about ourselves and our bodies, we have made some yummy Gingerbread. We had to work as a team to mix, stir, count the ingredients, weigh with help, roll, cook and cut our gingerbread. 

Autumn Walk

We went for an autumn walk around the school grounds. We used our senses to explore and learn about the changes that happen during autumn. 

Our 5 Senses

Have a look at the work we done using Mr Potato Head to help us learn about our 5 senses.

We have been exploring our senses throughout the week.

Apple Tree Nursery have been very busy with their mark making. We have been thinking about how special our names are, who gave us our names and we have written our names and used sand to create our sand names which are displayed in nursery. 

We have also painted our self portraits. We looked at ourselves in the mirrors to think about eye colour, hair colour and where our features are placed on our faces. 

yesWe are so proud of our work.laugh


The children have had an excellent start to Nursery. They have settled in so well.

Today the children were given the opportunity to explore and observe insects from all around the world.

Apple Tree Nursery 

Class of 2019

Apple Tree Nursery 2019-2020

Let the fun, learning and exploring begin.

Apple Tree Nursery 2018-2019

End of a Wonderful Year

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful year. We have love seeing Nursery grow over the year, all of them ready for Reception and we are excited to see how they will continue to grow as they move through the rest of the school!


We are so happy we are in the last term at nursery the Summer Term. This is the term where we will be super busy with lots of learning to do and also getting ready to go up to reception. Keep an eye out to look at all our learning.

Summer Homework

During the summer holiday we encourage you to explore with your child.

  • Play outdoors
  • Go on a picnic
  • Build a den
  • Search for mini beasts
  • Go on a treasure hunt
  • Read a book
  • Go to the park
  • Go swimming
  • Have lots of cuddles
  • Make lots of memories

Teddy Bear's Picnic


Nursery loved their picnics today! We ate lots of delicious food with our friends and teddies and played lots of games! 

We all really loved playing pass the parcel and stick the bow tie on the teddy!

Thank you parents for all the healthy lunches you sent in.


100% Attendance Assembly


A massive well done to all the children who received a certificate for coming into nursery everyday for a whole term and an even bigger well done to Lara for NEVER missing a single day of Nursery!

Let's see how many children can get a certificate next year in reception




Sports Day

Nursery had so much fun competing together in sports day and we loved watching them work together to overcome all the tasks and challenges!


Our World Assembly

Nursery did so well in their end of year assemblies and we are so proud of how they have grown over the year and how much more confident they are now!

We look forward to seeing how they continue to grow in their assemblies next year.

Thank you so much parents for all your hard work helping the children learn their lines and the amazing art work you did that helped decorate the stage!


Teddy Bear's Picnic

Thursday 18th will be our teddy bear's picnic! The children will be playing party games and having a picnic with their favourite teddy bear so please make sure to bring it in on before Thursday for the celebration. 

Sports day


Morning and Afternoon nursery will be coming together on the Tuesday 16th July to participate in sports day together. This means that all pupils need to arrive at 8:30am so sports day can start shortly after drop off and all children will need to be picked up at 11:30am. 

Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay for sports day. 

In nursery we are preparing for reception. We are visiting all the reception classes, looking at where we will be having lunch, looking at our big playground and even a look at the toilets we will be using. We are growing up so fast.

New Role Play Area


Nursery are so thankful to all the parents who brought in props for our new garage role play area!

The children absolutely adore playing in it and are having SO MUCH FUN!

Take a look at the pictures below to see what they've been getting up to.

Maths Week!

Nursery had so much fun in maths week using their colouring in skills to help them problem solve!

We were looking at how many different ways we could colour in 6 dinosaurs using only 3 colours, look at what we did:


         Yash                                                    Jonah





Nursery had so much fun releasing our butterflies today.

We really enjoyed watching them grow and turn from hungry caterpillars into beautiful butterflies.

We hope they come back and visit!



Spiral Write dance!

Nursery had so much fun today drawing spirals outside with the chalk!

We love using all our muscles and seeing how big we can draw things.

Pet day!


Today we had a very special visit from a very special visitor.

Callie the dog came to see us and Nursery had so much fun meeting her and giving her lots and lots of cuddles and strokes. 




We got to meet the chicks again. They have grown so much and now are very chirpy and have their fluffy feathers. We got to hold and touch them.

Fine Motor Week

In Apple Tree Nursery this week we have been working very hard making the muscles in our fingers stronger. We have been using our fingers and hands to rip, tear, tweeze, fold, scrunch and squeeze to help with our writing. When we work on making our muscles stronger in our fingers and work on our fine motor skills it helps us then with our writing. We have had a great week exploring different ways to make our fine motor skills better. 


                wrapping                         writing under the table               tracing patterns 


               colouring                    threading with chop sticks               scrunching paper



This week some eggs arrived at school and we were lucky enough to watch them hatch. We are looking forward to watching them move from the incubator to their new cage next week where they will continue to grow.


We have been doing lots of learning about chicks and the life cycle of a hen. We made collages, showed the order of the life cycle and tried reading lots of different books.

Try asking your child about where a chick comes from to see what they can tell you!



On our return after Easter we were very lucky to receive a new white board and we have really enjoyed using it. We have been creating pictures and playing some exciting learning games on it.

The Life Bus

On Tuesday Apple Tree Nursery got to step on board the travelling classroom. 

In there we met Harold the Giraffe and he taught us about caring for ourselves. 

We learnt about how we get ready for nursery and we helped Harold the giraffe to prepare for nursery by helping him...

1. Wash his face.

2. Brush his teeth.

3. Eat his breakfast.

4. Get changed.

5. Make our way to nursery. 

We also got to look up at the ceiling in the bus and watch the stars as it went dark. We learnt that sleep is a very important part of the day too.


Some of the children shared what they thought.......

Hazel said, "The stars looked so cool all bright."

Natan said, "I see Harold. I give him cuddle."

Olympia said, "Harold went to nursery like I am at nursery."






This week we have been very lucky to get our own class caterpillars. We will look after, care and observe as the caterpillars go through all the different stages of their lives. Watch out for when the caterpillars form into beautiful butterflies and we release them into our beautiful school garden.