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Welcome to Maple Tree Class! 

A warm welcome to parents and children from Maple Tree Class. Thank you for visiting our class page. Here you will find lots of information about the fun and exciting things we are learning about. And as we are always very busy, please do visit our page often to see all of our wonderful and exciting adventures.


Mr Kelly-Weekes

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Autumn ll

Letter to Father Christmas


We were very excited to write our letters to Father Christmas. We had lots of questions to ask him in our letter - How old are you? How many elves do you have? How do you travel around the world just in one night?

We also spent some time reflecting on the year, telling Father Christmas our achievements and things to improve... things that we promise to work on in the new year!

We wish all our friends, family and school teachers a very happy Christmas and the happiest New Year!


The Polar Express - Letter


We had the best time this week! We read the story of The Polar Express and we also watched the film. It was such a magical day - we were on our cozy pyjamas drinking hot cocoa and watching such a Christmassy movie!

We wrote letters to our parents retelling them our magical experience in the Polar Express.


Giant African Snails: Writing a leaflet

By taking care of our school pets- The Giant African Land Snails, we learn more about them. We wrote an information text to teach others about these fascinating creatures.



At the end of the half term we have been looking at money. We reviewed the names of the coins and notes that we learned in Year 1, and we learned how to add and subtract pounds and pennies. We also learned a key concept: change - when we pay more than what we need, we get the difference in return and we call that change!

In order to understand the importance of money, we played a bartering game pretending we were living in London hundreds years ago when people had to trade objects. The game that helped us understand how lucky we are to use money now for transactions.


We have also been working on addition and subtraction! We have used our place value skills to help us solve problems using both one digit and two digit numbers. As this term progresses will be developing a wide range of strategies including using number lines, partitioning, tens frames and as always concrete resources to support out learning and problem solving skills

Odd Socks Day

We wore Odd socks into school to spread awareness about Anti bullying. This was part of our anti bullying week in school where we discussed the importance of being kind to one another. The odd socks helped us to identify that we should celebrate our differences and always remember to be kind to one another. 

Science and Gardening:

In science we have been learning all about Food Chains. Food chains show us how energy is transferred when one animal eats another! We have drawn our own food chains as well as acted them out! 

Clever Never Goes

We had a visit from our local community support officers who spoke to us all about staying safe.  We learnt that CLEVER, NEVER, GOES!

Autumn l


During PSHE this half-term, we have been learning about a variety of ideas that explore our feelings and opinions on a range of topics. Some examples include how to reduce the spread of germs, the importance of rules in the classroom, incorporating Learning Behaviours and special visits. We have had an eventful first half term, please take a look at what we have done to get a real taste of our learning

We learnt how to wash our hands properly. We used special UV paint to see how germs spread!

We had a special visit from two police dogs. They were very friendly and we learned a lot!

We had a special visit from Harold the Giraffe. He taught us how to stay safe with our friend!

Religious Education

Beginning with God

We have been learning about the story of Moses and the Burning Bush. We made links between our own experience and metaphors for God in the Bible. By looking at our school garden and the world around us, we learned how to be grateful for God’s wonderful creation and God’s presence in our lives.

 We explained the Trinity using the sign of the Cross.

Saying the Rosary

Our Harvest Festival


Place Value

This term in Maths we have been learning about Place Value. Place Value, as the name suggests, is all about recognising the value of numbers! 


For example in the number 34 we can see that it is made up of 3 tens and 4 ones.


The children have spent time representing both two digit and three digit numbers using a variety of different concrete resources including Numicon, blocks and dienes.


Autumn garden maintenance Getting the garden ready for WINTER can be hard work. We used rakes, brushes and wheelbarrows to pick up leaves. We used forks and trowels to scoop out the leaf mulch and put on our planting beds ready for planting our seeds in Spring.



Summer Term



School Grotto 


Our school grotto is being restored and we were all invited to collect a stone from the grotto. We decorated the stone in class with words and images that help us to reflect on Mary.


We also came to school dressed up as one of the Holy Family, a saint, or as a character from the Bible. 

We enjoyed learning about Islam, the Muslim religion. We learnt how they worship Allah and Miss Kermanipour shared some Islamic traditions with us in class.

We celebrated One World Week.

Each class represented a different country. We all enjoyed learning about the countries and shared our learning with a big display in the hall. We also learnt new dances from each country and we wore clothes from our home countries.

As part of our celebration of the Year of St Joseph, we came to school dressed up as our dads, granddads or favourite male role model to celebrate Father's Day



We had some Zoom sessions with Harold the Giraffe. He told us all about our feelings and staying safe with our friends.

Dressing Up


We have had may fun days when we have come to school dressed up to celebrate creativity.

Hip Hop Day

Matisse Art Day

Crazy Hair Day



We have been learning how to tell the time. We used our knowledge of fractions to help us!


In maths  we have been using our knowledge of multiplication and division to help us understand and identify fractions.



Our science topic this term has been Animals Including Humans . We explored the life cycles of humans, how we grow and how to stay healthy by eating a balanced diet. We did an investigation to see if the bigger the body part you had, the older you are. We measured the size of heads and shoe sizes of children and  teachers.

Insect week

Making recycled garden decorations

New life in our school

Spring Term 



During our spring gardening lessons we planted seeds and counted the animals we found in our garden. We also spent time learning to identify all the different flowers on our school garden.


Counting Animals

Identifying Flowers

We were all invited to create an Easter Bonnet for a class parade. Our school councilors had the tricky job of judging the completion and awarding the prizes. We were very lucky as we also had a special visit off the Easter Bunny who had treats for all of us!

Autumn II

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

We enjoyed learning all about African Land Snails

In maths we have been learning about money.

Time in our school library



This half term in gardening we investigated materials and their properties so we could make a winter shelter. We also looked at the best way to plant bulbs and seeds.

We did some garden maintenance too!

Continents and Oceans


Autumn I


Within Science we have been learning about Habitats and Living Things. This week we looked closely at how animals rely on their environment to survive. We were each given an animal and needed to create our own food chains, thinking about which animal would be the prey to another. After that we thought about what would happen if there were limited, or nothing left of a particular food source (such as berries) and how that would impact the food chain. Slowly causing more and more animals to rely on a different food source, or worst of all possibly become extinct!

It’s really important that we look after our environment to make sure that something like what we acted out doesn’t happen!


In Art the children have been learning about Van Goph. They began by researching Van Goph, practicing their sketching and painting skills before doing a final still life painting of a Sunflower!

Our Halloween Celebrations!

Online Fire Safely

We had an online visit from a Fire Brigade education officer teaching us how to stay safe in and prevent fires!

Online Life Bus:

As part of our SCARF online learning we had a visit from Harold the Giraffe over Zoom! The children got a chance to explore their emotions and learnt how to help those feeling left out! 

Welcome Maple Tree Class 2020!

Maple Tree Class 2019-2020



Please check the Home Learning Y2 page

for weekly activities for the children to do while the school is closed.

Stay Safe!



Another busy and very exciting term of learning and fun!

During the Spring Term, we enjoyed many visitors and school events such as The Reluctant Dragon, Falconry UK and The Science Dome. Once again the children engaged in fantastic projects creating a range of amazing home leaning such as Birdwatch projects, the Rainforests and sharing experiments during the Science Week.

SCIENCE WEEK- Sharing Science Experiments


Birdwatch Week

Birdwatch projects

Making hand-made paper



The Rainforest Projects







Welcome to Maple Tree Class 2019-2020!

We have been very busy this term exploring our new curriculum and finding out about the beautiful world around us. We are proud of our work so far and we continue to strive to do our best learning.

In RE, we are learning about God’s Creation. We have been exploring ‘The Story of Creation’ through drama, art and by looking very closely at God’s words in the Bible. We are grateful for the wonderful world God has created for us but we also understand that we are the caretakers responsible for looking after God’s creation.

8 / 18

During English lessons, we have been learning how to write a postcard inspired by the book, Journey, by Aaron Becker. We have also written acrostic poems about SUNFLOWERS inspired by the sunflowers from the school garden. We have been learning about Van Gogh and facts about his life. We looked at the sunflowers from the school garden to develop our skills of sketching and painting. It’s great to be an artist!


The Gigantic Carrot (Inspired by the book 'The Gigantic Turnip'

Number Place Value  

In Maths, we have been using different resources to help us understand Place Value.  We can read, write, order and compare numbers up to 100 and beyond.         


Science and Gardening

During Science lessons, we have been learning about habitats. We are very lucky to have such a beautiful garden where we can admire God’s creation but also to explore micro- habitats. We found lots of little creatures under the logs, in the flower beds, up in the trees and even in the pond! We know that we need to respect everyone’s homes so that all the living things can stay healthy and safe.






We were very excited to welcome Metabugs and we learned lots of new and exciting facts about different bugs. We watched them, held them and a great day was had by all!




In Geography, we are learning about Continents and Oceans. We have used atlases and globes to help us learn about the world we live in.


Happy Halloween!

Last Friday we celebrated Halloween by dressing up in spooky costumes, and had the chance to present our creations to parents and the rest of Year 2 during a parade! It was a tough choice with so many creative costumes, but congratulations to Chiara and Nicolas for winning best cosumes in Maple Tree!

Black History Month

During Black History Month we have been learning about different black men and women who have made an impact in history. Maple Tree’s focus woman is Mae Jemison. She was the first African American woman in space! As a qualified engineer and doctor she studied how being weightless in space impacted on the physical and mental wellbeing of her mission team.

Power of One

We had an assembly about anti-bullying called the Power of One and learnt that we can stop bullying from happening using this one powerful tool – ourselves! We learnt that bullying is hurtful, intentional, and purposeful, and how to go from being a by-stander (someone who watches bullying happening) to an up-stander (someone who can help/try to stop the bullying). The most important thing to remember is to always tell a teacher or a trusted adult if you see or experience bullying.

Maple Tree Class 2018-2019

We have been very busy in Maple Tree class so far this summer term. 

We each had a go on a trampoline and were taught how to do some moves on it, including a tuck and a pike. It was so much fun. 



We also had a visit from the Life bus and we were all able to hop on board! There, we met Harold the giraffe who helped teach us how we can deal with our feelings and how we can help others who are feeling upset and lonely. We also talked about our bodies and how to keep ourselves healthy. We are excited for the Life bus to come back to us again soon. 



We also enjoyed our Easter Bonnet parade at the start of the term. There were so many wonderful bonnets and there was a lot of hard work put into them all. 




We have also been having lots of fun in the garden. We planted our vegetable seeds and also decorated our plots. We cannot wait to see our vegetables grow and harvest them! 


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Murray