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Welcome to Willow Tree Class page. We will be sharing pictures, information and all our adventures on this page so that you can see what we have been learning in school.

Mrs Zarri

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Spring 2019

Welcome back to all our children and parents, we hope you all have enjoyed a restful festive break.

The children  have come back to school well rested and ready for the new term. We have really enjoyed hearing about the lovely things they have done during their holidays.


As always, we have been really busy:

In History, we have been looking back in time to see how things have changed, focusing on how houses have transformed through years. At the end of the topic, we are going to create rooms in 'olden days' style, using recycled shoes boxes.


In Science, we have been looking at 'Materials'. In our Gardening lessons, we have classified the material in 'natural' and 'man-made'.



At the beginning of the Spring term, we looked at the features of Performing Poems. in English. Inspired by the poem 'Down by the School Gate' by Wes Magee, we have written our own Performance Poem.

First, we went into the garden, collecting sounds then, we worked in groups to put our own sounds together; we used rhyming, rhythm, repetition and some alliterations to write our own poems.


In Maths, we have been learning to use different strategies to solve Addition and Subtraction simple word problems. We have been learning shape properties and classified them in 2D and 3D.  We went on a shape hunt around our school garden  and identified  2D and 3D shapes in the environment.




We had an assembly on Healthy Eating this week. We learned how many portions of fruits and vegetables we should eat in a day and how important it is to exercise in order to keep healthy.

Linking it with History, we looked at food eaten in the past; how ingredients have changed and which food we still eat. We then decided to make our own vegetable soup.

We made a list of the vegetables we should use, we went to Sainsbury's and bought lots of vegetables. On our way back, we stopped in our school garden to harvest the chard, cabbage and kale planted last year. The vegetables were chopped, cooked and eaten by the children. They all loved our vegetable soup...No leftovers!

Making vegetable soup...and eating it! Yummy in our tummies!

Birdwatch week 

Falconry Uk came to our school during Birdwatch week. We saw a variety of birds of prey including a vulture and a baby owl.

Autumn Term 2018


We have been very busy this week, learning lots of new things and beginning to prepare for Christmas.


We have been thinking about our world, how to respect it and take care of it. We have recycled plastic bottles and made Christmas decorations to sell at our Christmas Fair.


In class we have been reading the story of Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and used Makaton sign language to retell the story.

We have thought about feelings, how we can be a good friend, care about each other and make good choices. This links with our whole school ethos, Golden Rules and British Values.


As we are now entering the Advent season, we have been thinking about what Advent means for us and how we prepare for Christmas.              

We have written messages on small cards and made them into our Advent Calendar.

We have also made an Advent wreath using recycled plastic bags and twigs from our school garden.

The children have been busy practising their lines and singing the songs for our Christmas production, they are amazing!!


Thank you for your support.


Mrs Zarri