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Quality of Teaching and Learning in English

Teachers make imaginative use of a wide range of resources, including photographs, drawings, video clips, etc, to address pupils’ needs in reading, writing and speaking and listening. Teachers make English highly relevant to the needs of their pupils and the world around them.

Teachers demonstrate high standards in their own use of language and they model the process of reading and writing well to support pupils make in their work. They have a detailed knowledge of the texts they use, which inspires pupils in their love for reading and promotes their independent reading.

Pupils are fully engaged through active and innovative classroom approaches, such as visual literacy, well planned drama activities, group and class discussion, etc. Teachers have a good understanding of the English language, including differences between talk and writing, and address these issues directly in lessons.

The technical features of language are taught well, teachers use IT creatively to enhance pupils’ learning in the different areas of English. They take every opportunity to encourage pupils to work independently and home learning task complement pupils’ learning well. Systematic approaches to marking, feedback and target setting challenge all pupils to improve their work.