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Religious and Prayer Life of the School

As a school we work in conjunction with the family and the parish to develop the child in her/ his religious and faith formation. The atmosphere and culture in the school nurtures strong ideas about Christian living. The school follows the Diocesan religious education programme ‘Here I Am’ from the Nursery to the end of Year Two. The programme is composed of a four year cycle of topics.  Our aim is to form in the pupils: strong attitudes of mind, wonder, reverence, generosity, kindness and a sense of brotherhood/sisterhood. Parents/carers retain the right to request that their child be withdrawn from Religious Education classes and Acts of Worship.


3.1 Liturgies /Masses

Religious liturgies take place throughout the academic year reflecting the liturgical year. The pupils take an active part in the readings, bidding prayers, singing, drama and role play. Some of our liturgies / masses are led by the clergy of the Parish of St. Mary Magdalen and others are led by the staff and pupils.




3.2  Assemblies

Assemblies for the whole school take place on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. These are usually led by the Headteacher except in the case of the Friday assembly/Act of Worship which is delivered by a class.  Each class produces at least two assemblies per year.  

Parents /carers of the pupils taking part are invited to attend.  Parents/ carers are welcome to attend all other liturgies and celebrations. Thursday afternoon assembly celebrates the good learning and good behaviour of the previous week. Pupils from each class are presented with Good News certificates. Class teachers inform parents/carers in advance so they can arrange to attend if their situation allows. Birthdays are also celebrated at this assembly.  Good Attendance and Punctuality assemblies are held regularly.


3.3  Acts of Worship

Each class holds a daily Act of Worship in the classroom at the start of the day. This is an opportunity for pupils and staff to pray and reflect and together and sing a hymn.  Each classroom has a ‘Prayer Focus Space’, which focuses the attention of the pupils during this worship time. Parents are invited to rejoice with their children, by coming to prayer time in class, at the end of each topic in religious education. Parents are also welcomed to an Act of Worship in the classroom to mark Mother’s Day and Father’s Day during the year.


3.4 Serving the needs of others

Pupils learn about the Christian approach to helping others less fortunate .Collections are made for various charities at intervals throughout the year and these efforts are built into the curriculum planning.  We consider this an essential part of our Catholic quest for justice in the world. We use these opportunities to teach pupils about the needs of people locally in their own community and in the wider world.


3.5  Education for Personal Relationships

The school’s policy for the above sets out how pupils grow to an understanding of God’s love through respect for their own and the bodies of others. Our policies for Religious Education, Personal, Social and Health Education and Science support this approach.