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Home School Agreement

As a school we will:


 Do everything possible to support parents in passing on our faith to your child through our Catholic example and attitude.

 Provide a secure, safe and stimulating environment for your child to learn in.

 Plan and deliver the curriculum in order that your child can do their very best.

 Promote good behaviour, prevent bad behaviour and bullying and inform parents if there are any concerns regarding behaviour, learning or relationships.   

 Keep you as parents informed of your child’s progress.

 Be available to discuss any concerns you as parents may have as soon as they arise.

 Welcome the views of our parents/carers with regard to school life and any concerns you may have.

 Strive to promote practices in school and in the cul-de-sac to ensure the safety of your child.   


As parents /carers we will:


 Accept the school’s ethos, rules and standards of behaviour by helping our child to understand them and follow them.

 Be involved in discussions about our child’ progress with the school when arranged.

 Work alongside the school by adopting a supportive attitude and suitable home arrangements for homework, reading and going to bed on time.  

 Make sure that our child attends regularly and on time each day arriving before 8.40am ready for the 8.50am start of learning.

 Not take family holidays during term time.

 Inform the school when our child is ill by phoning before 8.00am on the day of absence and follow this up with a note of explanation on our child’s return to school.

 Ensure that our child wears the correct uniform and PE kit at all times.

 Support the Health and Safety Policy by NOT parking or driving in the cul-de-sac.

 Support the PTA and their events.




As a pupil I will:


 Follow the school rules so that I can learn well and be safe.

 Attend  school every day and I will be on time

 Listen well and always try my very best in class and around the school and playground.

 Be strong and brave by thinking for myself and taking responsibility for my actions.