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We have a policy of promoting positive behaviour at all times and all pupils are taught this from the outset. Training pupils in good manners and respect for themselves as well as others is undertaken seriously by all the staff through our Golden Rules and Class Rules. Parental support is vital so that all children behave as well as possible.  Good learning will not take place unless there is good behaviour.  When a child’s behaviour is disruptive or inappropriate, parents will be contacted. Sometimes parents/carers will be asked to take their child  out of school  if the child’s  behaviour is inappropriate, endangering themselves, other pupils or staff, or preventing themselves or others from getting on with their learning.  


17.1 Bullying


The school operates an Anti-Bullying Policy.  The school recognises the importance of enhancing a child’s self respect by means of praise and appreciation of effort.  Staff make a positive effort to use praise as a reward of acceptable behaviour as well as for academic achievement.

In helping children to understand that saying ‘NO’ to a bully and seeking adult help is not only acceptable but desirable, we are enabling those in our care to come to terms with difficult situations and protecting them from others in the community who are abusing their position. Parents should always bring any concerns over bullying immediately to the school’s attention so that it can be dealt with straight away.