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The school operates an Attendance and Punctuality policy.

This policy applies to the Nursery and the main school.


All absences must be notified to the school office/answer phone on the night before or on the first morning of absence (before 8.00 am). The school answer phone is set up to receive the messages.  Failure to do this means that the absence will be recorded as Unauthorised Absence. All children are expected to be in school unless they are ill.  Where a child is frequently absent due to illness then the matter will be referred to the School Nurse who may become involved to offer help and support.


The Education Welfare Officer from the Local Authority visits regularly and the school will bring to his attention any pupil who is frequently absent and/or late.  This may then be followed up by the Education Welfare Service who will invite the parents for a meeting.  


The school will not authorise leave for pupils to be taken out of school for holidays during term time.


For the main school:

Punctuality is given a high profile at our school. The children should arrive in the playground by 8.40 am and they make their way directly to the classroom. There they are engaged in a task or activity until 8.50 when registration begins.   If pupils are late, the parent/carer must sign them in at the office and indicate the reason for same.  Pupils who are late miss the start of lessons and as a result will not make the progress they should.  Every effort should be made to get your child into a good routine of arriving on time each day.


Likewise, pupils should be collected promptly at the end of the school day at 3.00pm.



Good Attendance and Punctuality


Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child attends school every day. We know that being at school on time each day offers each child the best opportunity to progress.

Children should only be absent if they are really unwell or have to attend medical/dental appointments.


Sickness Absence – what to do?


Parents are expected to inform the school of a child’s absence by 8.00am on the first day of sickness.  They then need to keep the school informed regarding the progress of the illness.


If you need to take your child out of school for an emergency due to bereavement or illness then you should complete the School Absence Approval Form (Emergency) available from the school office.  Once completed the Headteacher will then consider the request.


Taking children out of school for holidays  


We consider that children should not be removed from school for holidays, as it is so disruptive to children’s learning.  Leave for holidays will not be considered.  Every effort should be made to plan family holidays in the official holiday period.


Applications to take pupils out of school for any other  reason  must be discussed with the Headteacher in advance.  


The dates of school terms and half terms for each school year are sent out before the summer holiday and are also displayed on the playground notice board.


Attendance Awards


There are termly prizes at Attendance Assembly for pupils who have 100% attendance per term.

At the end of the year there are attendance awards and prizes  for pupils who have 100% attendance for the year. In addition these pupils are entered into a raffle for a prize of a girl’s and boy’s bicycle.