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Pupils are assessed continually throughout the year, both formally and informally. In the Foundation Stage (that is Nursery and Reception) pupils are assessed on entry and throughout the year.  At the end of the Reception year they are formally assessed against the national Foundation Stage Profile. Parents are informed of the outcome in the end of year report.

In Years 1 and 2 there is a dedicated assessment week when pupils are formally assessed in reading, writing, maths and science and awarded a National Curriculum Level for Key Stage One. Parents are kept up to date on how their child is progressing against these levels during Parent/Teacher Consultation evenings.

Targets are set for all pupils in key Stage 1 at the beginning of the year.  These are shared with parents during parent/teacher consultations in the Autumn term.


Information based on these assessments is communicated to parents at meetings in the autumn and spring terms.  In the summer term, the information is conveyed through the Annual Report.

In the Summer term pupils in Reception are assessed by using the national Foundation Stage Profile.

Assessment outcomes for all pupils from Nursery through to Year 2  are reported to all parents at the end of the academic year through the Annual Report to Parents which is sent out towards the end of the summer term.