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What is Adoremus ?

Adoremus will be a unique opportunity for the Church to gather and reflect on the centrality of the Eucharist and particularly to explore the place of Eucharistic Adoration.

In Order for our children to have a true understanding of Christ in the Eucharist and how this links to services in everyday life, it is important that we work together. Teaching the children who the Eucharist is and give them a real and positive experience of the Blessed Sacrament will help to nurture the Church of the future.

At The convent of Jesus and Mary Infant School and Nursery we will;

Ø Explicitly teach the children about the Eucharist, Adoration and Benediction

Ø Provide children with various positive experiences of the Blessed Sacrament

Ø Link with other schools and parishes in the Diocese to make this a memorable time in the

       lives of our children.